how to be a candle tester

Want to be a candle tester?

Every couple months we start thinking about creating new fragrances we know all our candle friends will love--and that's where candle testers come in!

Candle testers are a group of our best candle friends who help pick the NEXT yummy fragrance! We used hold a lottery to see who won the opportunity to test candles, but now EVERYONE who wants to be a candle tester CAN BE! Stay up to date on the next candle tester opportunity by becoming an email friend! 🤗

Candle testers are the first friends in all of the U.S. to test 4-6 fragrance samples we are thinking about adding to our candle collection. 

You help decide the new Antique Candle Co. fragrance!

One of our favorite parts of picking a new fragrance is sending out all those samples to you and hearing your individual feedback. Your honesty is what we value most when it comes to picking the perfect scent! 🙌

We LOVED the feedback from some sweet candle testers about one of our newer classic fragrances, Georgia Peach: 🍑

"You guys knocked it out of the park with this candle. It was just like fresh picked peaches!"
"Voted #1 in my house. It's the perfect summer scent and screams 'juicy Georgia Peach.'"

We need YOU to pick the next Antique Candle Co. fragrance!

Here's how to sign up to be a Candle Tester:

  1. Sign up to be an email friend HERE.
  2. Be on the lookout for the latest candle news and updates.
  3. The opportunity to be a candle tester will be available on our website for a limited time only!

It's as easy as that! No more waiting to hear if you won the candle lottery...if you want in, YOU'RE IN! 👏👏

Candle testers will also be the FIRST to know the winner of their candle tester group and have early access to that yummy new fragrance! (Cue happy dance! 💃)

We can't thank you enough for helping us choose PERFECT new fragrances to share with all our sweet candle friends! It's people like you who allow us to create something truly special through our candles. 💕

We will be calling for candle testers for our new 2020 fragrances soon! Become an email friend to stay updated on tester news and receive the exclusive candle tester information when the time comes! 😉


Become an email friend by dropping your email in the box below!


  • JUdy sAxman

    Excited to be a candle tester thank u so much excited to get started

  • Chrissy Boerman

    I’d love to be a tester. Having a candle burning is like my signature. If you come to my house there will always be one lit. I am so glad we have a local shop here that sells your candles. that way I can smell them in person before buying And so far not one has been a disappointment. But it would be so fun to be a tester of the new scents as well.

  • Christy PAtton

    I Love your candles! I just received my order today, the packaging was so perfect and thoughtful. I would love to be a candle tester!!

  • Allison Wike

    Crossing my fingers I get an email on the 22nd to test candles. :) Y’all are an amazing company.

  • ELaine

    I love your candies & just love the couple I have been able to purchase from your company. I’d love to be a candle tester. I love a good aroma in our home especially during special occasions & holidays 🥰

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