how to be a candle tester

Want to become a candle tester?

Every couple months we start thinking about creating new fragrances we know all our candle friends will love--and that's where Candle Testers come in!

Candle Testers are a group of lucky candle friends who are randomly drawn to personally try out potential new fragrances. These are our most loyal candle friends chosen exclusively from the Antique Candle Co. email list!

Candle Testers are the first friends in all of the US to test 6-8 fragrance samples we are thinking about adding to our candle collection.

You help decide the new Antique Candle Co. candle fragrance!

One of our favorite parts of picking a new fragrance is sending out all those samples to you and hearing your individual feedback. Your honesty is what we value most when it comes to picking the perfect scent!

We LOVED the feedback from some sweet Candle Testers about one of our newer classic fragrances, Georgia Peach:

"You guys knocked it out of the park with this candle. It was just like fresh picked peaches!"
"Voted #1 in my house. It's the perfect summer scent and screams 'juicy Georgia Peach.'"

We need YOU to help us pick the next Antique Candle Co. fragrance!

Here's how to sign up for your chance to be a Candle Tester:

  1. Sign up to be an email friend HERE.
  2. Be on the lookout for the latest candle news and updates.
    (A Candle Tester Sign-Up email will be sent out on a day we announce on Instagram!)
  3. Sign up and wait for your chance to be drawn as a Candle Tester!

It's as easy as that! After you sign up to be a Candle Tester via the Tester Sign-Up email, we will let you know shortly if you are chosen to test out our latest yummy fragrances!

(Even if you're not chosen, you might still get a little extra candle goodness as a special thank you! *wink wink*)

We can't thank you enough for helping us choose the PERFECT new fragrances to share with all our sweet candle friends! It's people like you lending a helping hand that create something truly special through our candles.

We will be calling for candle testers for our new 2020 fragrances soon! Become an email friend to stay updated on tester news and receive the exclusive Candle Tester Sign-Up when the time comes!


Become an email friend by dropping your email in the box below!


  • Donna Bray

    Yeepee! Bring it on! 🙃

  • Kim Edwards

    WOW can’t wait to try out the new scents! Candles just make a home feel cozy and the smells are the icing on the cake!

  • Mary

    Brittney, I still have the first candle I bought from you at the fetching Market in Lansing, a few years back, I purchased , several that day because they smelled amazing and I loved the glass ball jars. I never burned one and it still smalls just like it did when I bought it. Remember the cute cloth sacks with your label on it too!
    I’m pretty happy you are establishing signature scents. I loved the Orange Grove….. Again keeping it simple and clean, in that you can burn these candles for hours and hours without choking or causing headaches like so many others. I would love to be a candle tester,.lm not on Instagram, but will continue to support your mission. Thanks for the peace and calming your candles bring. Mary

  • Becky

    Can’t wait to smell the new scents! Love your candles ❤️

  • Francie

    Hope you try an orange vanilla some

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