how to be a candle tester

We need YOUR help picking the next Antique Candle Co.® fragrance! 

What is candle testing ya ask!? When you purchase a set of candle testers, you'll become one of our very first friends to smell and test FOUR potential fragrances. After smelling each one for yourself, you'll let us know which candle gets your stamp of approval! 🕯 

We used to hold a lottery to see who won the opportunity to test candles, but now EVERYONE who wants to be a candle tester CAN BE! Stay up to date on the next candle tester opportunity by becoming a candle bestie (and get 20% off your next order!). 

Basically, you decide what our next candle will be!

Once you purchase a set of Candle Testers, you become an official candle tester. One of our favorite parts of picking a new fragrance is sending out all the new potential fragrances to you and hearing your individual feedback. Your honesty is what we value most when it comes to picking the PERFECT scent! 

We LOVED the feedback from some sweet candle testers about previous winning Christmas Candle Tester fragrances, Spiced Cranberry + Homemade Gingerbread

"Spiced Cranberry is a wonderful blend of tart cranberries with a little spice of sweetness. Have this candle on hand to burn on those chilly fall or winter days to fill your home with a beautiful blend of fruity goodness! Spiced Cranberry is definitely my favorite holiday candle!! Antique Candle Co. did it again, pure perfection!!" 

"Homemade Gingerbread is on of my favorite scents! Just like making cookies at home, the fragrance is light and clean, not overbearing like most cookie/pastry candle scents are. I forgot how much I loved gingerbread until I lit this candle! SO GOOD!"

We need YOUR help picking the next Antique Candle Co.® fragrance!
Be the very first to know when our next round of Candle Tester's is HERE by:
  1. Become a CANDLE BESTIE! 😍
  2. Be on the lookout for the latest candle news and updates (hint: Christmas Candle Testers are NEXT starting on 12/12/22!)
  3. The opportunity to be a candle tester will be available on our website for a limited time only!
It's as easy as that! 👏 Candle testers will also be the FIRST to know the winner of their candle tester group and have early access to that yummy new fragrance! (Cue happy dance! 💃)

We can't thank you enough for helping us choose perfect new fragrances to share with all our sweet candle friends! 💕 It's people like you who allow us to create something truly special through our candles. 


Become a candle bestie to stay updated on tester news and receive the exclusive candle tester information below! 😉




  • Amber Osborn

    Please please! I’d love to candle test for you!! 🔥❤️

  • Tabatha

    Hello Candle People 🙂
    If you need a candle tester , I’m your girl!
    I would love to smell your candles just watching all your videos has made me obsessed and cant wait to smell them all…😍
    I Love that they are white. So fresh and clean looking the must smell just as Amazing!
    Just found you on Instagram.
    So please feel free to reach out.
    Have an Amazing Smelling Day! 😊

  • Melissa's

    I would absolutely love a opportunity to be a candle tester for your brand.

  • Annette moser

    Would ❤️ To be a candle tester

  • Pam Pederson

    Any updates on Hot Cocoa???

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