how to remove wax melts

Do you know how to use wax melts?

Antique Candle Co.® melts are made with natural soy wax and a blend of fine fragrance oils, just like our candles! 

These small wax cubes are an amazing way to fill your home with sweet, floral, and fresh fragrances that you and your family love! (Without the flame!) 😍😍

When it comes time to switch out the wax in your warmer for a new cube, there is definitely a trick to doing it right! You can’t mix the cubes because that would make the fragrance weaker, so how do you remove the used wax from the warmer? 🤔

(HINT: We gotcha covered!) 👇

Here's our TOP, TESTED, and MESS-FREE Antique Candle Co.® wax melt removal hack: 🙌


✨ Cotton Balls ✨

This hack not only removes the left over wax from your warmer, but it also cleans out the dish!

Once you've enjoyed all the fragrance in your melts (each cube lasts 10 hours, girl! YAASS! 💃) just turn on your warmer and melt down the wax. 

Once the wax is completely liquefied, add 1 or 2 cotton balls to the warmer dish.

The cotton balls should easily soak up most of the wax! Once the wax is absorbed you can wipe out the dish, throw out the cotton balls, and add that Lavender Vanilla melt we both know you've been craving. 😉

If you're anything like me, you use your warmer ALL. THE. TIME. That might means it needs a little bit of a deep clean...

If you have built-on wax or residue, simply use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a clean cotton ball to wipe out the dish. You can also break out a trusty magic eraser! 💪

There's literally no such thing as too many melts!

Especially when those melts are poured in Lafayette, Indiana. 🤩

👇 Grab yours now! 👇



  • Jill

    Hello do you sell the wax warmer shown in the photos with the wax melts ?

  • Sylvia Atakpor

    Very helpful tips. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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