1 lb Candle Refill Kit
1 lb Candle Refill Kit
1 lb Candle Refill Kit

1 lb Candle Refill Kit

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Now YOU can be a candle maker!
By popular demand, we've put together a fun, SUPER easy Candle Refill Kit to pour your very own candles! 🤩
The 1 lb Candle Refill Kit comes with:
  • 1 1lb bag fragranced soy wax of YOUR choice
  • 4 wicks
  • 4 wick stickers
  • AND step-by-step instructions on how to make your candle!
Use this kit to refill an Antique Candle, a Mason Jar Candle, or use your own container! Whether you're creating a brand new candle from your favorite Hen on a Nest or filling that beautiful copper piece you found while thrifting, you can experience the fun of pouring your very own candle at home with your favorite fragrance.

Made in Lafayette, Indiana with domestically grown, natural soy wax for a clean, long-lasting and even burn. We use premium fragrance oils (hand-picked by thousands of candle testers across the U.S.!) and 100% lead-free cotton wicks. 

All our candles are paraffin free, dye free, and cruelty free.

Each Candle Refill kit comes with at least 1 1lb bag(s) of pre-fragranced soy wax, cotton-core wicks, wick stickers, and step-by-step refill/candle making instructions!

A SINGLE 1LB KIT CAN MAKE: 1 16oz Mason Jar/Vintage Jar candle; or 2-3 small Antique Candle teacups/sugar bowls; or 1 medium sized Antique Candle bowl/dish, etc.

The more Refill Kits you snag, the more candles you can make! Need a ton of supplies to host your own Candle Making Party?? We've got you covered there, too! 😉👉 Candle Making Party Kit


Please note that Candle Refill Kit Terms and Conditions must be accepted at checkout to purchase a Candle Refill Kit or Candle Making Kit.

Check out our blog, "How to: Candle Refill Kit" for in-depth details to follow along! 💃💃

Items Required

Well used non-stick pot, Flat surface, Antique Candle Co.® Refill Kit, Container of choice. Can reuse previous candle containers.

Candle Container Requirements

Vessel height: 3 - 7”, Fireproof material, No holes or cracks that could cause potential leakage in container.

Candle Making Steps

1. Clean Container

    If reusing a previous antique candle or mason jar container, soak interior of container with hot water until glue at the base of the wick becomes soft, then scrub off. Repeat until glue is completely removed. Wash all containers with degreaser soap. Dry well.

    2. Place wicks

      Place container on a flat surface. Place sticker on bottom of wick(s). Place wick(s) with wick stickers 3 ½ inches away from container wall and 2 inches away from other wicks until you are unable to add more wicks. No wick should be close to edge of container. Depending on shape of container, you might only need to use one or two wicks.

      3. Heat Wax & Refill Candle

        Empty one, 1lb bag of soy wax into non-stick pot and heat on low or simmer, stirring constantly until wax is melted completely. Carefully pour hot wax into container, leaving 1” of wick on top. Do not pour wax directly onto wick(s). Let wax cool and solidify. Pull wick(s) straight before wax completely solidifies. Use pencils or spoons to help hold wick(s) in place. Let candle cure for 24 hours before lighting, then enjoy!


        Keep away from flammable objects, children, and pets. For adult use only. Hot wax may cause serious burns. Please use caution when handling hot wax. Allow wax to cool completely before handling finished product. Do not dispose of wax in drain. Do not leave burning candle unattended. Stop burning when 1/4” of wax remains. Stop burning if vessel is damaged or cracked.

        Please note that Candle Refill Kit Terms and Conditions must be accepted at checkout to purchase a Candle Refill Kit.


        Burn your candle to allow the wax to melt across the entire top surface of the candle (no longer than 4 hours at a time) to prevent tunneling and allow for an even burn. Stop using your candle when only 1/4" of wax remains in the jar.


        Always store your candles in a cool, dry, and dark place. 


        Use a wick trimmer to keep your wick about ¼ - ½ inch. This will help prevent the wick from mushrooming or creating soot. 

        Snuff It Out

        We recommend using a snuffer to put out your candle safely. This helps keep your candle clean & limits lingering smoke.

        We know it can be tricky to purchase candles online. Here at Antique Candle Co.®, our top priority is to make sure you are happy with EVERY SINGLE CANDLE. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll replace your candle completely free of charge & help find a scent that you do. To read more about our Happiness Guarantee, click here. We got ya covered, friend!


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        I LOVE these wax refills!

        These wax refills are WONDERFUL! You can actually make a candle out of your favorite scent with your favorite vessel. It was not only super fun, but really easy! And, of course, Country Pear is my FAVORITE scent!

        A candle-making PRO! Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts on the Candle Refill Kits, Heather. It sounds like you are having such a blast picking out all of the vessels and pouring the yummy scents! Have a wonderful day, friend!


        I purchased the refill kit and made a few candles. It was so easy and fun and I can’t wait to make more.

        We absolutely LOVE your candles, Susie! We are so excited to hear that the process was easy + fun. Our team cannot wait to see what other candles you create!

        Love the refills

        I have been collecting vintage vessels for a long time and now with the refills I am able to turn my vessels into beautiful candles.
        Thank you Antique Candle Co

        Hi Ali! Thank you so much for your sweet review! ❤️ We are thrilled you love the Candle Refill Kits! Our team LOVES the candles you've created!