5-Piece Candle Care Set
5-Piece Candle Care Set

5-Piece Candle Care Set

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All your candle care needs in one perfect set!

Our NEW Candle Care Set includes:

  • Safety Matches (50 count jar!) to light your favorite candle;
  • A Candle Snuffer to extinguish the flame when you're done burning the candle;
  • A Wick Trimmer to trim your burned candle wick to 1/4 inch before your next burn;
  • A NEW Wick Dipper to keep your candle clean and smoke-free after extinguishing;
  • AND an adorable Candle Gift Bag to keep the accessories all together!

This Candle Care Set is the PERFECT addition to your candle collection AND makes the perfect gift for your candle lovin' friends! (A $71 value!)

Now you can use Antique Candle Co.® Safety Matches to light your favorite candle! Our uniquely designed jars and matchboxes makes it super easy to ignite a match using the strike paper directly on the container.

Hold the match in your dominant hand, and hold the jar or matchbox in your non-dominant hand with the striking strip facing out. Gently strike in the direction away from your body so the fire ignites and starts away from you, not towards you.

When lighting a candle, hold the match with the fire facing upwards and keep your hand under the flames. Flames move upward, so allow plenty of wood for the fire to burn between your hand and the flame during use.

To extinguish a lit match simply blow it out, drop it into water, or gently shake it out. Ensure the match it completely extinguished before disposing.

Trimming your candle wick is key to candle care! This maximizes the quality and longevity of the candle, and helps prevent the candle from producing a large flame which could lead to soot around the glass jar.

After blowing out a candle flame, allow the wax to cool completely. Never trim a burning candle.

Trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting your candle each time (except before the first burn). Remember to discard all wick trimmings—do not leave debris in a candle jar.

Once trimmed, relight the candle and enjoy!

We know it can be tricky to purchase candles online. Here at Antique Candle Co.®, our top priority is to make sure you are happy with EVERY SINGLE CANDLE. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll replace your candle completely free of charge & help find a scent that you do. To read more about our Happiness Guarantee, click here. We got ya covered, friend!


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Jessica, we are SO thrilled you love the subscription boxes! ❤️ We love throwing in little surprises and treats each month! We hope you keep receiving LOTS of candles you love!

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I had a great time making Christmas special with the Winter Woods candle kit!!!

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I purchased the refill kit and made a few candles. It was so easy and fun and I can’t wait to make more.

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