Candle Tester Sign Ups!

WHOO HOO! Thank you for your interest in becoming a candle tester, friend! THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING candle tester group ever. 🤗 Why? Because these candles smell AMAZING (there are some definite winners) AND we are looking for a record breaking 1,500 candle testers. Say what?!?!
By completing the form below, you are entering into the candle tester lottery. Yay! 🥰 1,500 email friends will be selected and become one of the 1,500 candle testers. 
There are usually more than 1,500 email friends that want to volunteer. As we grow, we would LOVE to send samples to everyone. This time around, we will conduct a selection for the 1,500 testers this Wednesday, January 22nd! Enter your name and shipping details in the drawing here.
NOTE: Participants must be located in the continental US.

If you are selected as a candle tester, the Antique Candle Co.® team will send sample candles directly to you! 😘 Then, after a few weeks testing and providing feedback on each candle, you will receive an AMAZING gift! (Pinky promise!)
PS - While you are waiting to hear back from us, be sure to check out candles that are UP TO 40% off ya'll! 🤗 (Sage & Citrus and Tree Farm, we're lookin' at you!)