the biggest sale of the whole year... less than a month away!  

  We are serious about Christmas presents here at Antique Candle Co.! What else would you give your momma and mother-in-love?!  Candles, candles, and more candles of course. 💁‍♀️ Savings upon savings, your Christmas list will be CHECKED OFF this Cyber Monday. BUT, we need your help… 👇


What should our Cyber Monday Sale look like this year?? 

Thank you SO much for your vote, friend! This Cyber Monday is set to be the BIGGEST yet, and our candle crew is making thousands (literally, THOUSANDS! 🤯) of candles EVERY. DAY. 

We are stockin' up on ALL the Christmas favs: Christmas Day, Good Tidings, Tree Farm, and of course... Peppermint. 😋🍬 Stay tuned for the big day, friend!