want to join our fun-loving team?

We're looking for fun-loving people who love the challenge of learning new things in a fast-paced work environment. 

You don’t even have to have experience with candles! We are looking for someone who finds it exciting to hustle in a fun startup company. We need someone with a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and determination! Most Antique Candle Co.™ positions require you to be on your feet with the rest of the team—but you’ll have fun doing it (think: Spotify playlists)!


Here's some of the reasons you'll love working here: 

  • Fast, fun, and friendly work environment with the best darn coworkers, for realsies.
  • $100 in free candles per month (plus more candles at wholesale prices!).
  • Flexible scheduling for part time positions - just ask one of our moms!
  • A voice in how we improve our processes. We don't have a "corporate headquarters" telling us how to do our jobs. We hustle & figure it out - this is a start up after all.
  • No weekend or night shifts on a regular basis. 
  • Career & growth opportunities. 
  • Regular performance reviews every 6 months where compensation is discussed. 



Marketing Internships

Antique Candle Co.™ is seeking enthusiastic and hardworking interns to join the Marketing team full time (approx. 38 hours/week) for Summer 2021. Marketing interns will be part of a robust, fast growing e-commerce business that generates $8M in revenue annually. Each Marketing Intern will assist in one specific area of Marketing: social media, videography, or web development. Shift hours will primarily be Monday – Friday, 8 AM-4 PM. 

DATE: May 2021 – August 2021 

PAY: $16 / hour 

LOCATION: Lafayette, Indiana 

The role of Marketing Intern will provide you with:  

  • A robust understanding of marketing innerworkings of an e-commerce business  
  • Experience building efficient marketing channels  
  • Knowledge of marketing fundamentals: sales trends and channels, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer e-commerce, promotional strategies  
  • Practical experience in the marketing and manufacturing industries  
  • Opportunity to grow with the company  

Primary Job Responsibilities:  

Social media specific responsibilities: 

  • Engage community by promptly and accurately responding to retail customer inquiries 
  • Build and maintain Candle Partner (i.e. influencers) relationships 
Videography specific responsibilities:
  • Capture and edit video content for website, social media channels and email campaigns 
  • Collaborate with Marketing team to fulfill visual content needs 
Web development specific responsibilities: 
  • Maintain and update both retail and wholesale Shopify websites 
  • Research and implement new back end and front-end functionalities 
  • Drive total company sales by understanding and assisting in various marketing channels 
  • Assist in developing, designing, and implementing marketing strategies for new product launches and promotions 
  • Assist Marketing managers on special projects 
  • Contribute to weekly Marketing meeting to grow sales and community engagement 
  • Adhere to brand vision and message established by CEO and CMO 

Secondary Job Responsibilities:  

  • Partner with Operations Manager – Production to help achieve candle making goals 
  • Brainstorm new ideas for efficiency and flows and communicate to Operations Manager – Production 
  • Hand pour candles quickly and efficiently 
  • Label and clean candles with aesthetic care 
  • Keep stock organized and easily accessible for shipment 
  • Wick jars in preparation of pouring process 
  • Mix proper fragrance oils with wax  


  • 50% discount on all candles  
  • $100 monthly candle allowance  
  • Career & growth opportunities 
  • Fast, fun, fun and friendly work environment with the best darn coworkers, for realsies! 
  • A voice in how we improve our processes. We don’t have “corporate headquarters” telling us how to do our jobs. We hustle & figure it out.  

You’ll love this job if: 

  • You love the nitty, gritty details. People tell you that you’re organized and like to ensure everything is in its place.  
  • You value customers and overly helpful, polite customer service!  
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • You love when companies have eye-catching and creative videos. 
  • When you watch a movie, you notice the shots, edits and everything in between! 
  • You're the go-to person when something breaks. Troubleshooting is your jam! 
  • A good quality web design makes you excited about a brand or company. 
  • You prefer individual work, but like being around other people in a collaborative office setting. 
  • You aren’t sensitive to fragrances or smells in general. This is a candle factory after all. 
  • You are fun, friendly, and would love to learn how to make candles & get your hands waxy from time to time!  

Read the full job description for Marketing Intern here.

Please send your resume (PDF format) and any other pertinent information to Hannah Schwartz, email hannah@antiquecandleco.com.Thank you for your consideration!