Spring Candle Testers smell like...

Blueberry Cobbler is a delicious, sweet blend of freshly baked berries and rich vanilla cake topped with a sugar lemon glaze.

Coastal Linen is a refreshing aroma of clean linens and ocean mist, blended with a soothing medley of water lily, sea moss, and driftwood.

Honeysuckle is a bright, fresh scent of honeysuckle and geranium blooms, intertwined with notes of white peach petals and agave nectar.

Lilac is a classic floral scent of lilac blossoms and green leaves, highlighted with a refreshing blend of jasmine, lily, and rose.

Every Antique Candle Co.® fragrance is carefully tested in our Lafayette studio and by a large group of candle-testers from across the U.S. to ensure they are PERFECT before reaching your home!