we need your help, friend!

If you've been an Antique Candle Co.® friend for awhile, ya know that we've used packing peanuts forever (actually since 2014!). We've been secretly working on a brand new way to ship candles that is more eco-friendly AND looks amazing (so basically, getting rid of those pesky packing peanuts!). So, we put the best shipping team minds together to create a packaging system that is unique to our candles. And friend, we gotta say... the finished product is BEAUTIFUL. 😍

This is Jack - our Shipping Manager that helped create our AMAZING new packaging!

Have you ordered candles recently!? 📦 If you've ordered from us in the last few days, you probably received a first hand look at our new packaging! If you ordered a candle, how did the candle arrive? 📬 Was everything in its place? What did you think?! We would LOVE to hear your thoughts as we continue to perfect our new packaging for the Fall & Christmas season! 👇


Thank you SO much for your feedback, friend! This is truly invaluable as our family business continues to grow and scale. Is there anyone you would LOVE to send some candles and a handwritten note to?  Kirsten (the Shipping extraordinaire below!) sends candles to her sweet momma monthly. ❤️


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