what new bundles should we create??

Apple Cider and Pecan Pie are ALMOST. HERE. 

Now... how many amazing bundles could we create with these two drool-worthy fragrances?? The answer: A LOT. 🙌 Anyone else hoping for a bundle of ALL the fall candles?! 😆


What new bundles should we create?? 

These fragrances are the PERFECT the addition to our fall candle line up. Like, how incredible would an Apple Pickin' + Apple Cider bundle be?! 😋 What bundles do you want to see?! This will help us create the YUMMIEST bundles EVER. Would you please answer the short poll below?👇


Thank you SO much for your vote, friend! ❤️ Stay tuned for ALL the Apple Cider and Pecan Pie details info over the next week! We pinky promise to share EVERYTHING real, real soon. 😘


Have you voted on any of our previous candle bundles? We'd LOVE to hear which current bundles you love (or don't love!). Our most popular bundle, the Fall Bundle of 4, was actually voted on by our candle friends (that's you!). 👏

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