what should our next candle be?

"WOW" was the word that continued to come to mind last week. 🤯 You BLEW. AWAY. our expectations for our annual Winter Clearance Sale. Our goal was to make room for our new, upcoming 2020 candles... and BOY. Did you pull through, friend. 😭❤️ 

NOW the fun part... we get to fill our shelves up with YUMMY new candles! 🎉💃 And that's where we need your help... we need you to VOTE which candles you would like to see THIS year! 👇


What new candles should we make in 2020?? 

Is there a certain scent that you JUST LOVE and wish was in a candle?? We will be collecting votes and start making ACTUAL samples based on what YOUR votes say! 👇


Thank you SO much for your vote, friend! This year is set to be the BIGGEST and best-smellin' year Antique Candle Co. has EVER. SEEN. 😎 We plan on having candle testers (yep... CANDLE TESTING!!!) SUPER soon... like within the next FEW DAYS SOON... 😝 To be eligible, become a candle friend below and stay tuned for an email with ALL the deets! 🙌

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