Antique Candle Co.® Holiday Gift Guide

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

We created the ULTIMATE Holiday Gift Guide to help you find some of the BEST gifts for your loved ones (or even yourself!). Candles make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Shoppin' for the besties? Done. 👯‍♀️ Snaggin' gifts for teachers? Check. 🍎 Searchin' for the spouse? WE GOT YOU. 🙌 These sets have been curated and hand-picked by our candle crew to make it easier for you to find the PERFECT gift.



Gift Sets

Our Candle Gift Set is the perfect gift for the candle connoisseur in your life (#guilty 🙋‍♀️). The Candle Gift Set includes your choice of Christmas candle, a Christmas match jar, gift bag, and a wooden candle stand. 😳 Basically, the PERFECT starter kit. 👏 Other gift set options include the Spiced Cranberry or Christmas Day Gift Set which includes 1 16 oz candle, a matchbox + an Antique Candle Co.® Wick Trimmer. 💕 There's even a Homemade Gingerbread COOKIE Gift Set that comes with a real recipe from the 1940's. 😋

With multiple accessory options and our best-selling Christmas fragrances, Gift Sets are sure to make the candle lover in your life melt. ❤️


Christmas Bundles

Lookin’ for a gift that covers EVERYONE on your list? The Christmas Bundle of 8 is perfect for knockin’ out the WHOLE list (or just spoiling one special person❤️)! 👏 It includes 8 of our yummiest Christmas fragrances in our 16 oz mason jars. The hardest part is divvying up who gets what scent…🤣 Our Christmas Bundles are also available in four and sixthe more you bundle, the MORE you save! 🙌

With alllll the Christmas fragrances, everyone is sure to find one they love with Candle Bundles. 🥰


Gift Card

Shopping for your best friend or family member, but not sure what fragrance they would love?! We got you COVERED, friend! An Antique Candle Co.® gift card allows them to pick out their own fragrance. How fun! 

Limited Edition Candles

This one is for all the candle lovers wanting something a little extra special…🙌 Our limited edition Brass Candles and "Peace on Earth" Candles are the perfect vintage-inspired vessels with a classy, modern touch, filled with our coziest + yummiest Christmas fragrances (lookin’ at YOU Spiced Cranberry…😍). The gorgeous, hand-painted ceramic vessel has two wicks and adds a cheerful, festive feel to any home. 🕊 The stunning, raw brass vessel has four wicks and makes for the ultimate dinner table center piece. ✨ 

ICYMI: These stunners are LIMITED EDITION for the holidays!


Sample Packs

Not sure what fragrance to get your bestie?! 😉 Sample Packs are the WAY 👏 TO 👏 GO. 👏 With our Fall + Christmas Sample Pack of 9 they’ll get NINE of our best-selling Fall + Christmas fragrances. If you are lookin’ to hone in on the Holidays, the Sample Pack Gift Set comes with four of our best-selling Christmas fragrances PLUS a Christmas matchbox + Antique Candle Co.® Wick Trimmer. ✨

Sample Packs are the best gift for that one person who is always so hard to shop for (get them MULTIPLE fragrances to try, they ARE going to find one the LOVE 🥰).


Christmas Candle Accessory Bundles

Need to snag a lil’ something extra with your candle gift?! The Christmas Candle & Stand Bundle or the Christmas Candle + Safety Matches Bundle would be PERFECT to add a little extra surprise to your candle lovers gift! Plus, these candle stands and match jars are SO in style. 😉 Choose from all our yummy Christmas fragrances and pair with a best-selling accessory to make the perfect holiday gift. ❤️ 

Just need to add a candle accessory by itself? We've got you covered there, too! 🙌

No matter who you’re shopping for, Antique Candle Co.® has the perfect gifts for EVERYONE on your list this season. 🎅🎁 You can't go wrong with an amazing candle, am I right??

Check out our full collection of the COZIEST holiday gifts around! 👇



  • Tamara M. Smith

    Everything looks wonderful. I went to one of my fave sites which sent me to one of hers that sent me here. Yum! They look and sound wonderful. Thank you for the 15 percent off discount, too. Much love in 2022 Tamara

  • Pam James

    Will there be a Black Friday sale?

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