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I love apple butter!! It’s a winner, trust me! The only thing is I wish it was stronger. I’m so obsessed with it that I want it to put out scent for many rooms, I just love it that much. It does scent a room, but not like an entire open living room/kitchen area by any means. May have to purchase a couple more to place around, but it just smells so good I wish one put it a ton of fragrance and filled up a large room because I am SO obsessed with this scent I need MORE output

Hi Devin! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Apple Butter, friend! We are so glad you love it and we will definitely be letting our QA team know about that hot throw. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our specialists at and we are happy to help further!


I love this scent! Trust me, you won’t regret getting fall harvest it’s amazing. The only thing is I wish it was stronger. I’m so obsessed with it that I want it to fill up my entire house. It does scent a room pretty well, but not like the entire open living room/kitchen area. May have to purchase a couple to place around but it just smells so good wish one put it a ton of fragrance

Hi Devin! We are Isn't Fall Harvest just the BEST? We are so glad to hear each and every single space in your home is smelling wonderful! Thank you for sharing the candle love, friend! Have a great day!

Fall Harvest 16 oz candle

This scent is so perfect. I found antique candle co from a local boutique and I am SO happy! I could burn this candle all year round, the scent is just so good. This and Apple butter, trust me you will LOVE it too. Please keep making these, as I plan to purchase every year!

Awe! We are so glad to hear that you enjoy the Fall Harvest tones, Devin. We are so glad you could stop by one our our wholesalers and snag some yummy candle, friend. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great day!


This is my favorite scent ever! This and fall harvest are the best. Please don’t ever discontinue these scents. I’m obsessed 😍 so good

Apple Butter & Fall Harvest YUMMINESS! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this amazing scent, Devin! Have a beautiful day, friend!

Fall Harvest 16 oz candle
Absolutely delicious smell!!!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than Autumn Woods, you came out with this delicious fragrance! Even my husband, who doesn't often comment on my candles, commented on this one. He said "that smells really good"! The throw is just perfect too! I just love it!!!

Mmm Mmm! Nothing better than the yummy Fall Harvest candle smells. We are so glad both you and your husband love this candle, Susan. Have a great day!


WOW! I absolutely loved this candle. The scent is beautiful, it smells like a fresh evergreen tree. It reminds me of Christmas! I love how natural and fresh it smells, not like other evergreen candles that can smell obnoxious.
Every time I light it the aroma fills up the room wonderfully. This is my favorite candle of all time!!!

STUNNING! Tree Farm is the holiday candle queen. We can never get over how good this scent is and are so happy to hear that you are enjoying it just as much as we are! Have a blessed day, Mia!


This candle is the most perfect blend of sweetness and warmth. It can be used all year round, which I love. I just organized my stash and have four extra! Can never have too many of a classic scent! 10/10! You guys perfected this one! Thank you!

Awe! You describe this fragrance perfectly, Natalie. Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts and love for Vanilla Bean here, friend. We truly appreciate all your feedback for your candles and support for our small business. Have a blessed day!


This candle is absolutely amazing. It has a great amount of throw and smells like fresh baking and Christmas time. I had to stock up on this for the winter season. :)

Hi Natalie! Bakery GOODNESS! We are so glad to hear that Momma's Kitchen is one of your favorites, friend. It is truly top ten for us at the candle studio, too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a beautiful day!

So yummy!

This candle literally smells like its name and description. It could not be more perfectly explained. It smells like I’m baking when I walk into the house, and this candle is lit. I absolutely love this from fall and through the winter.

Mmm Mmm! Nothing welcomes the winter season and Christmas vibes better than a good ol' Homemade Gingerbread candle, friend! We doing our happiest of dances upon hearing how much you love this scent, Natalie! Enjoy the candle yumminess, friend!

Favorite Christmas Scent

I was not expecting to love this candle as much as I do. Peppermint has not always been my favorite flavor, but somehow Antique Candle Company made this amazing. This is probably my favorite Christmas scent that they carry. I literally have three or four back ups. :)

OH YEAH! Peppermint is a classic all-around snowy season favorite and we are glad to hear we were able to provide a Peppermint candle you love, Natalie! Wishing you all the Christmas joy. Have a beautiful day!

Amazing scent!!!

In love with this candle!! Smells so good, and exactly as advertised!! Thank you so much!!

Hi Aiden! We are so glad to hear you are enjoying the Homemade Gingerbread goodness just in time for the season, friend. It is truly such a good bakery inspired fragrance and we are so glad to hear your thoughts! Have a great day!

Great Autumn scent!

We had to throw away an Apple Pickin’ because it had such a sharp chemical smell. My daughter was gifted an Apple Cider and it seemed much better. It doesn’t have to be just for Autumn either!

Hi friend! Thank you so much for reaching out to us about Apple Pickin'! Although that fragrance has been discontinued we are so happy you have found this amazing Apple Cider candle to enjoy that is 10/10 perfect for you both!

Perfect Book Nook Scent

The perfect mix of rich warmth and spice. Invokes the comforting cozy feel of holding a warm cup of chai in a cozy chair. Goes great with getting lost in a good book!

Awe! We love this description. Vanilla Chai is such a heartwarming scent and we are glad to hear that you love it just as much as we do, Katherine. Thank you for sharing! Have a great day!

Oh Christmas Day!

I can’t say enough great things about this candle! It’s the perfect Christmas scent! I officially have a stock pile of these candles and I don’t regret it!

Cheers to all the candle yumminess! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying the Christmas Day candle, friend. Thank you for sharing your feedback on this wonderful scent, friend! Have a great day!

Christmas in a jar

The perfect blend of scent notes that embody Christmas. It's such a nostalgic, comforting aroma. When it's burning, it transports me to all my favorite Christmas story and movie scenes. This is what Christmas smells like ♡

Awe! This candle is so reminiscent of all the cherished Christmas moments spent with family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing the love, friend! Have a beautiful day!

O Christmas Tree

I'm not typically a fan of the pine/evergreen scents that infiltrate the Christmas season. They've always seemed too strong and artificial to me. This candle has changed my mind! It's such a beautiful, fresh winter aroma. My whole house smells as if I have a live evergreen in residence. Love it!!

YESSS! Snagging all the Tree Farm in time for Christmas time. We are so glad to hear that you love the wonderful tones of the season through this fragrance, friend! Have a great day!

New favorite!

I always lean towards scents that help make my home feel warm, cozy, and welcoming & this scent is so perfect for that!!
Immediately became my new fave.

Hi Hannah! We are so happy to hear that Vanilla Chai is bring you all the cozy feels, friend! Such a perfect fall fragrance to enjoy for the seasons. Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

Fall Harvest 16 oz candle
The BEST of every scent

I have been a customer of Antique Candle Co for MANY years, and Fall Harvest is my absolute favorite candle of them all! I burn this not just in Fall, but all year round. It is the perfect balance of fruity sweet (not the sometimes overpowering baking sweet scents) and warm spiciness of cinnamon. You will want to stock up on this amazing scent, trust me.

YUM YUM YUM! Fall Harvest is delicious and we could not agree more with you, Erin. This scent is such a classic and we are so glad to hear you love it! Thank you so much for sharing, friend. Have a fantastic day!

A year round winner!

Technically a fall candle tester winner that has my vote to be a year round candle! A soft, more mild scent of vanilla and spices that fills the room but isn’t too strong. Goes perfectly with my fav dirty chais!

Absolutely! You described this scent perfectly, Tori! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the Vanilla Chai amazingness, friend! We hope you have a blessed day!

It’s just right…😍

It’s just right and looks great wherever I set it! Great quality and I love the rustic, unique look. It sits level… and fits the candles perfectly. It exceeded my expectations! I will be purchasing more in the future!

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for sharing the photos and feedback on those, friend! ❤️ We are so happy you love it. Have a blessed day!

In love😍😍😍

The smell😍😍😍 Incredible… I love it!

It smells crisp, fresh and woodsy… it’s perfect for the whole winter. The packaging is awesome as well! All my items were packed tight on the beautiful packaging! I will be buying more!

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the Winter Woods Bundle, friend. We are so glad to hear you enjoy all the wonderful winter candle yumminess. Have a great day!

Sweater Weather Sample Pack

I absolutely love all of your Sample Packs! What a great way to try all the different candles to be able to find out which ones are my favorites! That way I know which ones I want to buy in the bigger size candles! The Sweater Weather Sample Pack has been my favorite! I love all the fall scents! They really are pure Perfection! ❤️

Hi Heather! We are SO glad to hear you are loving all of your amazing candles, friend. We cannot wait to for you to snag all the ones that were your faves! Fall scents are the best! Have a great day!

Good Tidings

This is my second time ordering the refill kits. I purchase two large kits and I was able to fill up 15 small votive holders for my mold, a medium size candle and three wax melts. So easy to do and even more fun to make. I absolutely love Antique Candle CO.

Hi Michelle! WOW, this turned out so good, friend. Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful images and Candle Refill Kit fun. We truly appreciate your love + support for our small business!

Great idea!!

I have a blue vintage jar that I wanted to reuse. I’m so happy you offer this option.

Hi Julie! Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts on our new awesome Candle Refill Kits, friend ❤️ It makes us happy to hear that you get to enjoy the fun of pouring your favorite fragrance into your Vintage Blue Mason Jar! Have a blessed day!

Fall & Christmas Sample Pack - not active old - Do not use
Annie C.

I am spending a week with my daughter. She has been burning your ginger pumpkin candy and I absolutely love it. Please make that scent so I can buy some for her and to take home with me. I am a candle lover but this scent is just amazingly delicious!

Hi Annie! YAY. We are so glad to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying all of the delicious candles, friend. Such a good mix of all the seasonal FAVES. Thank you so much for sharing!