Wedding Candles FAQ

  • Do I have to provide my own design? 
    • Nope! For Custom Wedding Candles, a premade template is used to take the guesswork out of creating a custom candle while still making it beautiful for your event! If you are planning a different event or would like to provide a unique design, please see our Custom Event Candle option! 
  • Can I select different scents or mix scents in my order? 
    • A curated list of best-selling fragrances is available for Custom Wedding Candles to ensure your guests love them! We currently cannot mix scents within one order; the entire Custom Wedding Candle order must be in one selected scent.  
  • Is there a minimum quantity required for custom printing? 
    • Yes, Custom Wedding Candles are available in bulk quantities starting at 50 pieces, all the way up to 500 pieces. 
  • Can I view the final product before production? 
    • To ensure we’re able to complete your Custom Wedding Candle order quickly, we currently do not send proofs of the final product before printing. Our design experts will make sure it’s perfect! However, please reach out to us ( if this is necessary for your order & we’ll be happy to work with you! 
  • Do I pay in full before the custom candles are made? 
    • Yes, please complete your full order to start the process for your Custom Wedding Candles. 
  • How soon will I receive my custom candles? 
    • Once we receive your order with your wedding date and couple’s names, our team will fulfill your order in 5-7 business days!  
      If you’re picking up your order (used code 'LOCALPICKUP' checkout), you’ll be notified at this time & can pick up the candles right away at our studio during business hours (M-F, 8 am ET – 3 pm ET). If your order is being shipped, please allow an additional 2-5 days for transit time. 
  • Do I need to send any details about my event? 
    • Yes! When making your selections for your order, please be sure to completely fill out the required information for your Wedding Date & Couple’s Names. This information is necessary to complete your custom order!