5 reasons to shop small

It’s been TRULY amazing watching this small business grow. In 2016, it was just Brittany and I. Now, the candle crew has grown to over 50 people and everything is different in ALL the best ways!

Working at Antique Candle Co.® has given me a perspective on small businesses that I never even realized, but one that I will always appreciate. You’ll find me #shoppingsmall whenever I can and here’s why:


5 Reasons To Shop Small

1. You make dreams come true.

Starting a small business is no simple feat, but it comes from a place of passion.  When you place an order online or buy that cute shirt at your local boutique, a real person is doing a happy dance in your honor.  They wouldn’t be able to do what they love without your support.  That’s why we are ALWAYS doing happy dances here in the studio!


2. Small businesses care about YOU.

Small businesses are run by people, not by boards or stockholders.  There’s a unique kind of care and love that comes from real people serving real individuals.  You mean everything to small businesses, and not just as a customer.  You are truly valued as a person and a friend. That’s why we created the Candle Guarantee. We want to make sure you are LOVING your candles! If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!


3. You’re a part of a community.

When you support local or small business, you become a part of a larger community that is really more like family. At Antique Candle Co.®, each of you are our candle friends, and we love being able to interact with you on a personal level. Whether that is through email and text, or social media, we value spending time with you. 


4. Your purchases support local communities and missions.

Not only will you be part of a family when you support local business, but you will also be contributing to the local community around that business.  Small businesses tend to buy from other small businesses, so your support goes beyond just one community and into the lives of more people than you may think!  Remember how I mentioned that in 2016, Antique Candle Co.® had only two employees?  You are the reason more jobs can be created, and that matters to many people and families behind the scenes. At Antique Candle Co.®, your candle purchases also help support transitional housing for the homeless, local food pantries, and missionaries across the WORLD (just to name a few!).

 5. Small businesses create quality items you love.

Local businesses are close to the consumer, so they know what you do and don’t like.  There is something so creative and authentic about goods from small businesses that just can’t be replicated on a large scale. That’s because they use every resource to create the highest quality goods just for you.  Pure heart and soul goes into everything that comes from these businesses, and you always know when something is made with love. Here at Antique Candle Co.®, candles are poured, cleaned, and shipped by hand. Every single candle is made with love by the most fun-loving, hard-working candle crew around!


When you shop small, you become a part of a support system that goes so far beyond your purchase.  You may not even realize it, but you are supporting countless individuals and families who put their whole hearts into making dreams a reality.



Antique Candle Co.® couldn’t be more grateful for all our friends, new and old, who have supported our candle journey over the years. 

Straight from the hearts of our candle makers: THANK YOU. ❤️


  • Linn Morgan

    I ❤️ your candles. They smell so good and burn so clean.

  • Ana Mardenborough

    I like so much your candles
    Prices are good and presentation so beautiful

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