the candle guarantee

What is the Candle Guarantee?

The Candle Guarantee ensures that you are 100% happy with every candle purchase! We KNOW it can be tricky to purchase candles online (is there a scratch and sniff feature, yet?!). Here at Antique Candle Co.™, our priority is to make sure you are happy with EVERY. SINGLE. CANDLE. Not diggin’ a certain fragrance? We’ll help you find a candle you love. In the rare occurrence your candle arrives damaged… we’ll ship a replacement (and maybe even a few extra! 😉) your way. WE GOT YOU.

How do I get in contact with the Candle Expert Team?

We’d love to help ya, friend! Or you know… just catch up and hear how your day is goin’. You can reach our Candle Experts here, email us at, or reach out via social media. 

What do I do if my candles arrived damaged?

DARN. So sorry, friend! Though our candles are packed with care, we get it… things happen. Email us here and we will get ya taken care of RIGHT away! 💃

How do I give Antique Candle Co.™ general feedback?

Did you have an awesome conversation with one of our candle experts? We’d LOVE to hear from ya! (P.S.: Ed's favorite is Clean Cotton, so if yours is too... let him know!). Shoot us an email at, reach out via our contact form, or send us a message via social media. 

I have an idea for a new fragrance or a suggestion for Antique Candle Co.™ - how do I submit it!?

Whether it’s a new fragrance idea, a product you’d like to see, or just general thoughts (like what your favorite candle is!), we want to hear ALL about it! At Antique Candle Co.™, your feedback is SO appreciated. This helps our candle lovin’ team continue to grow and learn! Share your ideas with us here

can't find what you're looking for?

We GOT you, friend. Send us a message here and we'll get ya taken care of! ❤️