Antique Candle Co.® in stores: Rod Works

Y’all, we have been working so hard to spread that candle love all across The United States and Canada, and we are so happy to say that Antique Candle Co.® (previously Antique Candle Works) is in more stores, online marketplaces, and subscription boxes than ever!  With over 600 unique retailers, it’s never been easier to find Antique Candle Co.® near you!

We recently connected with a brand new candle partner that is like the Hobby Lobby of farmhouse boutiques!  Think of never ending florals, the cutest kitchen goodies, and all the best decorations of the season, and you’ve got Rod Works!

This ever-inspiring business began in 1996, born from the creativity of the owners who wanted more unique, higher quality décor in their home.  Their iron creations sparked requests from friends and neighbors, and as business grew, they moved from working at home to the first Rod Works location on Lehi, Utah.

Since then, they have expanded their quality décor line and have opened several more storefronts in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California, and Arizona.  As of just a few months ago, Antique Candle Co.® became a part of the Rod Works vision to inspire you and help you decorate your home with your own personal style!  Yay!

Rod Works is literally on my bucket list of adorable stores to visit.  I could probably spend an entire day in just one of their stores, and get some decorating advise while I’m at it!  The Rod Works crew actually offers free in-store decorating help—all you have to do is bring in a photo of your home or tell them about your space, and they’ll help you fill it!

If you can’t make it to their store, they also have tons of home décor tips and tricks on their blog, and on YouTube from the Good Things Utah show! (I’ll be binging those later, by the way!)

Rod Works takes decorating seriously, and seriously takes it to the next level.  If you’re ever out west, you’ve got to check out this amazing Antique Candle Co.® partner!

Do you have your own retail storefront and are interesting in working with Antique Candle Co.® Contact us!  We would love the opportunity to meet a new friend!

Check out our list of all the stores that carry your favorite Antique Candle Co.® candles!  You might be surprised to find one near you!

Get inspired everyday with Rod Works on Facebook and Instagram!


Happy decorating, friends!




Photography by Rod Works

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