Antique Restock 101

We don’t go by Antique Candle Co.® just for funzies…🤣 We LOVE a good ol' fashioned antique! It IS in our name, after all... If you're new here, you might be wondering WHY we call ourselves Antique Candle Co.®? The answer goes WAY BACK to 2014! When Brittany, Owner & Founder, first started hand-pourin' candles, she poured them into beautiful antiques! 💕

To keep the tradition alive, we now restock these beauties once a month in an Antique Restock! ✨ We hand-pour their thrifts + findings in to STUNNING vintage candles and make them available to YOU! 

A few times a year, our fearless leader & boss babe (Brittany!) + her mom head out on antique road trips across the mid-west to find the most unique and sought-after vessels to make into DELICIOUS cozy candles! ❤️ Most of our antique vessels are thrifted by our own candle crew with a little help from close family & friends.

Once we have enough antiques on our shelves, our talented Antique Restock Manager, Emily, makes hundreds (sometimes, thousands!) of candles for what we call our Antique Restocks. ✨ 

 We are currently putting the finishing touches on all the beautiful antiques for our next fall Antique Restock!💕 This restock will feature HUNDREDS of authentic, vintage containers and vessels ALL filled with your favorite classic scents! 
SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, January 30th (8 PM ET) is the next restock! If this will be very first Antique Restock (or ya need a refresh), we’ve got a few extra tips for ya, friend. 
Tips & Tricks 📝

✨ Head to the website early to make sure you’re READY right at 8:00 PM ET. ⏰ OR becoming a text + email bestie to receive EARLY ACCESS! 
✨ If one (or a few) of these darling spring Antiques steals your heart, this is NOT the time to "think it over!" 😅 You’re going to wanna check out ASAP 🏃‍♀️…ya never know who else has their eyes on the one you're loving. 👀 Our shipping crew can combine all your antique orders together, so no worries there!
✨ Want to view the antiques in your FAVORITE scent only? We got you covered! Just use the “Sort Alphabetically” or Filter features. 🤓 Say bye to endless scrolling (unless that’s your thing, LOL!) and hello to first dibs on your faves. 💕
 Get ready, friend! 😍
Mark your calendar and cue your happy dance because our next Antique Restock is ALMOST here! 💃 Bonus: all contiguous U.S. orders SHIP FREE! 📦 If you're lookin' for shiny, vintage + rare candles...this restock is for YOU. 
PSSST...can't wait to get your hands on a brand spankin' NEW (to you😉) antique? Check out the ones we currently have available! 



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  • Christine Jenson

    I bought some large antique brass candles and the candle turns a very ugly yellow. Can I receive a refund? None of the other candles I bought ever did this.

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