best of the blog: 2017

It’s hard to believe that just over one year ago, Antique Candle Works (now Antique Candle Co.®!) launched our online blog that has featured studio updates, sneak peeks at antique candles and news, a look into the lives of our candle makers, and so much more. 

It’s been a long road with over 50 articles published to date, each of which have given you a look into Antique Candle Works and our goal to provide you with the best candle experience possible.  From showing you how we care for each individual candle and package before it leaves the studio, to fun DIY tips on how you can repurpose your old candle jar, the blog has been with you every step of the way!

Here are some of the highlights from the blog that you might love to take a look at and see what we’ve been up to every Wednesday for the last 52 weeks!


Behind the Scenes in the Studio

Last February, we gave you a look behind the scenes in the candle studio!  This was the most popular blog post in all of last year, and it makes sense!  We gave you an inside look on how candles are made, what we use, and the daily goings-on between Brittany, Ed, and I! 

Things have definitely changed since then, but the core of the blog is still the same!  We are a fun and caring group of people who put a lot of love into what we do!

Only published in December, this new blog series is similar to our old Retail Spotlights, where we featured some of our 120+ locations that you can find Antique Candle Works candles in stores across The United States and Canada! 

This article featured the Odds & Ends vintage store in Lubbock, Texas.  This was a great start to what will be a fun series!


How to Date your Ball Jar

As you may now, Antique Candle Works has a monthly Antique Candle Restock that features stunning and unique vintage vessels that we repurpose into candles.  These candles are only available while supplies last during the specified time and date of the sale, so we always stock up on 25+ antique candles. 

Our most popular of these pieces are without a doubt the old Ball jars, those blue and clear, that go on sale during this time.  If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these treasures, this blog article will help you find out just how old your antique Ball jar is!


Employee Spotlights

As Antique Candle Works grew, so did the number of friends helping to make all of your favorite cozy candles.  The Employee Spotlights published every so often allow you to get to know the real people who put love and care into every handmade candle created in the studio.  In these various spotlights so far, you can meet me (Jaycie), Macey, Ed, Carol, Sarah, and Kelsey!

Antique Candle Works has been through so much and grown tremendously in the last year (Check out our 2017 Year in Review!), and the blog was no exception to this.  It’s been a joy to be able to write these articles for you so that you can be informed, entertained, and inspired. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the blogs from 2017, and are looking forward to 2018!


Have a beautiful day!




Photography by HJ Creative Photography, Ashely from Our Modern Antebellum, Hannah Christine Photography, and Odds & Ends Vintage Home

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    I would just like to let you all know what a wonderful delight it is to smell your candles!! I love candles but have yet to find a scent as pure as yours, they burn so clean, and the smell is out of this world!! I cant use plug ins my husband is real sensitive to these as a Cancer survivor, but he loves these😁 Thank you again,I’m so glad I found your page, i am giving them out for Christmas to spread the cheer!! Thanks again, Dana

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