friends at the candle studio: visit day recap

This business has been blossoming for over 5 years now. 

Goodness, friends, it's been a beautiful thing to witness. 

One of the reasons we've been able to grow is because of our friendship and partnership with home decor bloggers and enthusiasts on Instagram. We have worked with a core group of bloggers for YEARS, some as early as 2015. 

Natalie @vintageporch

We've built some amazing friendships. These sweet ladies shared candles with their Instagram followers and introduced our company to new candle lovin' friends while sharing their beautiful homes.

Mary @selah.pines.farmhouse, Natalie @vintageporch, Sarah @sarahjoyblog, Liz @lizmariegalvan, Sarah @ourvintagefarmhouse

It has been so special, BUT these ladies have never had the opportunity to see in person what they helped grow. So we decided to invite some of our IG friends to the studio and make the candles they have been loving and generously sharing with their friends all these years. 

Katie @mylittlekatecod

The Candle Studio Visit Day was seriously THE BEST DAY. To finally hug and thank each of these women for their support face to face was AMAZING. You may recognize some of these sweet faces you've followed along with on Instagram:

The Antique Candle Co.® team and our blogger friends were SO EXCITED for this fun hang out day! They started the day with a tour of the candle studio, learning a bit about our history and even trying out some of the process themselves.

Next was the most fun part of the day: CANDLE MAKING! Each of our friends picked out a few of their favorite fragrances and got to work.

Nelly @nellyfriedel, Liz @lizlovegrowswild, Natalie @vintageporch

They measured the wax, the fragrance oil, and even wicked their own mason jars. We helped them with every step, but they were well on their way to being candle-making pros.

Jessica @jessicamadisonhome

Hand-pouring is what makes Antique Candle Co.® candles unique and ensures that every single candle is made with care. Our blogger friends got to experience that first hand!

Sarah @sarahjoyblog

Creating something from start to finish comes with a special sense of satisfaction, and it was so special for the studio team to share that with these amazing women. These are ladies that we admire, and we loved giving them a behind the scenes look at what they helped grow.

Liz @lizmariegalvan

We wanted to thank each of our Instagram friends for coming out to the studio and seeing what each of them have helped create, and we also wanted to thank YOU for following along with the Studio Visit Day and our business over the past 5 years.

Liz @lizmariegalvan, Holly @ourfauxfarmhouse, Sarah @ourvintagefarmhouse, Erin @cottonstem

Supporting a small business means so much and goes far beyond a candle purchase. You are helping real people grow their careers and support their families while doing something they love. We truly are so grateful for each and every friend, those who came to visit and those who followed along. Your support means EVERYTHING!


Be sure to follow along with these lovely ladies on Instagram. Each of their unique personalities and stunning homes are a JOY to see everyday!

 Kayla @oursweetfarmhouse  Amanda @midcounty_journal
Sarah @brickfarmhouse1919 Martha @simplecozycharm
Donetta @shepardsoncreekfarmhouse Liz @lizmariegalvan
Sarah @sarahjoyblog Erin @cottonstem
Katie @mylittlekatecod Nelly @nellyfriedel
Holly @ourfauxfarmhouse Mary @selah.pines.farmhouse
Liz @lizlovegrowswild Jessica @jessicamadisonhome
Sarah + Harper @ourvintagefarmhouse Natalie @vintageporch

Erin from the Cotton Stem Blog traveled all the way from Oklahoma for this special Visit Day, just to make her own signature fragrance: Country Pear by Cotton Stem! Check out her yummy, unique fragrance for yourself!