Have you met our friend, Karlee??

Hey, sweet friend—Brittany here! 👋

As I sit here typing this letter to you, I’m basking in ALL the smells of Fall. We are as busy as bees here, not making honey, but a ton of delicious smelling candles. Oh man, I wish you were here! Would you ever consider visiting if I opened up the candle space? Let me know by leaving a comment. Perhaps we should do a Fall Open House someday! It could be a lot of fun—some food trucks, tons of yummy candles, and you could see the candles being made (and who knows, maybe make some for yourself?). Okay…I'm getting ahead of myself, but what do you think???

Okay, onto the real reason I’m writing this letter to you...Have you met Karlee Bowman yet?

She’s a sweet southern soul who has been kind enough to share about Antique Candle Co.® for many years. I wanted to introduce you to her in case you haven’t met yet or heard the news, so guess what...We made a candle with her!! 🥳

We launched SPICE CAKE by Karlee Gail Bowman. It’s her dream fragrance. It took awhile for us to find the right scent, though. Earlier in the year when I talked to her about what the project, I asked about the ideas she had. She was fallin’ in love with the idea of doing a delicious, sweet, bake-y fragrance. The way she was describing it had my mouth watering!

Karlee said something along the lines of, “Hey…I happen to make this cake in the Fall. It’s called Spice Cake—it makes the whole house smell AMAZING!! It has cinnamon, nutmeg, and the icing has cream cheese, brown sugar...”

I was getting excited at this point and said, “WOW!! I’ve never thought about doing a cake candle before…We have some bake-y candles, but not a full-on delicious, cinnamon-y Fall cake. My mouth is watering already. What ingredients do you use?”

Karlee just laughed!

“Oh girl, it’s a BOX CAKE. Like, I’m just keeping it real. It tastes amazing & smells amazing…The smell is sooo good, but it’s not like I make it from scratch.” She replied in her southern accent.

Then I laughed. This is Karlee—sweet as they come and down to earth. She encourages me by sharing how to create a cozy home no matter what stage of life you are in, and how you don’t have to be in your dream home to enjoy the small things. Isn’t that the truth? It’s inspiring and something I’ve always appreciated about her.

Her idea for this candle was wonderful and building this with her has been an absolute joy. I CAN'T WAIT for you to experience this aroma that has been carefully crafted to smell like the perfect Spice Cake…even if it's inspired from a box cake. You can’t tell. 😉

So, all this to say, I’m beyond excited that this candle and fragrance she dreamed up was brought to life. The candle place smells like Spice Cake because it's available NOW!

Spice Cake by Karlee Gail Bowman: A cozy scent of spiced vanilla cake, intertwined with a warm, sweet medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, and hazelnut.

You can order Spice Cake exclusively on antiquecandleco.com. We're on the edge of our seats to find out what you think!! ❤️


  • Tara Chavis

    I definitely would try to come to a Fall Open House! 🤩

  • Kelli Rico

    Karlee is the Best!! Can’t wait to get her candle!! So excited!!

  • Peggy

    Love Karlee on IG! She has so many great ideas. I will line up for the new spice cake candle!

  • Tina Snipes

    I love Karlee and her Instagram account so much! She is definitely my favorite one to follow. I can’t wait for her candle to launch! Also, I would definitely want to come to an open house at your facility. I would love to work with you guys and promote your candles. They are fabulous and I have loved my monthly candle. Happy Fall!

  • Nicole

    Love Antique Candle Co & although I’ve never met Karlee, I’ve been following her for years. Singed up to test the candle but wasn’t selected. Definitely plan to purchase. I would love to visit if you open it up to the public, especially in the fall!

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