how to style your blue jars

Have you snagged a candle from our Blue Jar Collection?

Nothing says "farmhouse" like a vintage-inspired blue Ball jar filled with an extra cozy, hand poured soy candle. You just can't go wrong with a candle that looks as good as it smells! 😍  

Looking for that PERFECT spot to brighten up your home?? Girl...we got you covered! 🤗 We recently asked our Antique Candle Co. photographer + designer, Keliann, to share some of her best tips when styling the Blue Jar Collection:

"Blue Jars give that vintage-inspired touch that every home needs. They pair really well with both modern and antique pieces, which makes them perfect for literally any styled setting. The sky's the limit with these little blues! 💙"


As a photographer, what is your rule-of-thumb for creating gorgeous settings?

When I am styling any setting, I always make sure to include lots of different textures and colors! This is a key element in creating a setting that is interesting to look at. There are seriously soooo many fun ways to incorporate different textures and colors into ANY styled setting. 🙌 I love mixing soft towels with pops of color (looking at you, Blue Jars 👀💙) and then incorporating more neutral, wooden accent pieces.

The extra attention to detail is really what takes styled pieces to the next level!

What are you trying to capture in a styled setting?

My goal in every setting is to make it feel intentional--I want everything to have a purpose of it's own! 💕 When working with a styled setting (especially in a home) the little details can get a bit overwhelming. I think that's why it is SO important to be extra aware of why I am placing a prop in the setting.

Fill in the blank. My biggest suggestion for anyone learning how to create a styled setting of their own is... stop for a minute and ask yourself 'Why do I love this piece?' and 'How can I showcase what I love most about this piece?' 

Ask those questions, and you will only include the pieces you REALLY love and that add value. The end result? A GORGEOUS set up that makes you smile every time you look at it. ✨

How do you think styling Blue jars is different than Mason jars?

The Blue Jars are seriously one of my FAVORITE things to style because they actually do most of the work for you! 💃 They're seriously so stunning with as little or as much styling as you choose to incorporate.

Plus, there's just something about the color of the jar that makes it complimentary to any set up you create.

How did you create the styled setting in this photo?

Step one: Choose the Blue Jar combo of your dreams! 💙✨ My personal fave is the Blue Jar Bundle of 2 because I love having different sizes to work with. 👏

Step two: Find a blank canvas. I like to start in a space that doesn't have much going on, that way I can put things exactly where I want them!

Step three: Make it practical! This particular set-up was done in a kitchen so I wanted to make sure that it was both beautiful and functional. To do this, I put some staple ingredients (like oats and flour) into cute glass jars and voila--they become part of the setting! ✨

Step four: Add some antique flare. It's probably not much of a surprise that most of us here at Antique Candle Co.™ are biiiiig antique lovers (okay, maybe not a surprise at all 😂). Adding a few of your favorite antique accents is a great way to add ALL of the farmhouse feels to your setting.

Step five: Layer those details, girl! 💃 Don't be afraid to add some little layered details like strings of beads or stacks of bowls. It's a great way to bring depth and interest to the entire set up.

Step six: Add some sweet florals or bright greenery to bring your setting to life. 💐🌿 Because, let's be honest, flowers are always a good idea. 🙌

Step seven: Light those candles (and cue all the cozy vibes!). 🕯✨ This is one of my favorite parts. It instantly makes the space feel magical. 😍

Step eight: Snap a few pictures, sit back with a cup of coffee, and enjoy your new view. 😌☕️

How will you style your blue jars?

After you snap a photo, be sure to tag us on Instagram @antiquecandleco_.  We wanna see ALL those beautiful details, friend! 😍


  • Tamila The Bee Farmer

    You guys just rock it 💙! Gorgeous, cute, cozy and so fresh looking! I need you in my kitchen 😆

  • Tracy

    Amazing!! I love how you have pulled together the candles that you have to offer with the design part of decorating!! Thanks for all the tips! Keep up the wonderful, great work!

  • Krystal

    Absolutely beautiful y’all!! We love those little blue jars. Love all the woods, whites, copper, beads… it’s all stunning!

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