The New Fall Candle Is...đŸ”„

We wanted to personally thank ALL Candle Testers that tested four potential Fall fragrances in your homes the past month! We had SO much fun reading through your rankings, comments, and suggestions. The survey officially ended and we collected TONS of feedback and votes as they came—each one counts!

With nearly 1,300 votes on the Fall Candle Tester survey (AMAZING turnout!!), the results were clear...

Fireside has officially joined our Fall Candle Collection! đŸ”„

Fireside is a nostalgic scent of crackling woodfire with vibrant blends of pine, frankincense, and oakmoss, highlighted with cozy cedarwood, smoked sandalwood, and warm vanilla.

When we say this may just be our most luxurious candle ever, that's no exaggeration. Fireside is earthy, but warm; it's fresh and soothing, but cozy. It's a sophisticated, blended fragrance that lets your mind wander to your favorite memories...whether that's chatting around a bonfire out at your grandparent's house, or snuggled up by a fireplace with your love on a cool night. It's one of those scents that instantly takes you to a happy place. It's pulling at our heartstrings and we can't get enough of it.

Here's what you can expect from Fireside, straight from real candle testers:

"Fireside reminded me of a camp fire or the wood stove we had as a kid. I absolutely LOVE it and all its coziness! It pairs well with Autumn Woods and Mommas Kitchen! Sooooo cozy!"

"It’s in the name! It takes me back to bonfires at my grandparents vacation home in the woods, as a child. I love bonfires, so this candle is my spirit candle, it’s at the top with Momma’s Kitchen!"

"Lovely smells of burning fire and pine. Not too strong of fire, but the perfect blend. If you like a neutral/manly scent, this is for you. But don’t pass if you like the bakery smells. This suits all!"

" I'm sitting beside a campfire sharing a glass of wine with my father-in-law."

Nearly 1,300 candle testers loved the quality of Fireside with a satisfaction score that pulled out above the rest! For the throw strength (how strong the candle is), they also noted this is a moderate fragrance—right in the sweet spot for many candles. It's just right in all the right ways!

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PSST...If you are all about monthly happy mail, Fireside is available exclusively in this month's Monthly Candle Boxes!


  • Marsha

    hmmm, Fireside sounds like Tree Farm to me, making me wonder if it will replace that popular scent. that would be sad. Fireside also sounds like Autumn Woods, an old favorite of mine and it would also be sad if that one went by the wayside.

  • Diane M

    I’m beyond excited for this candle! I was a tester and I couldn’t stop burning it.

  • Beth

    Wow, cannot WAIT to order wax melts of this on 9/26!!! Sounds DIVINE!

  • Paige Kotsilimpa

    My daughter and her friends walked in after school and first thing each of them said, “it smells like fall in here” ! This made my day ! The candles not only smell throughout my home which has high ceilings but the soy wax last all day – I know probably shouldn’t burn any candle for the entire day but I can’t help it !

  • Tami Geysbeek

    Hi! I recently sent a couple of sample boxes to my besties and would have LOVED to have been able to include a gift message in the box
 at this point, gift messages are not an option
 something to put on your “to do” list! haha!! Thanks
 LOVE your company!

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