What candle should we create next? (Please help me pick!)

Hey! It’s Brittany – owner & founder of Antique Candle Co.®. 👋

I’m still here – very busy behind the scenes working on alllll the new candle things & ensuring we are delivering exceptional experiences in all the ways. I truly appreciate you being here supporting my family business. ❤️ I have three brothers, a sister-in-law, AND a cousin that work here! Lots of amazing friends & coworkers contribute in powerful ways, too, forming one big happy candle business. 🤗

I have a BIG UPDATE to share with you though…introducing our newest team member: my husband, Dan! He’s officially here for a short stint to work on some of our biggest company projects (new product sneak peeks ahead👇)! I took this photo yesterday; it’s his first full week at the candle business. 🥰

Dan was here as my biggest supporter since Day 1 when I was making candles in my kitchen! 🥹 Back then, I started with antique candles before the (now classic) Mason Jar candles. Not much changed there – we are still turning the coolest, vintage pieces into one-of-a-kind candles! But as we approach a shocking 10 years in business, I find myself asking, “What should we craft next?”

I am feeling the itch to create something brand new and potentially different than we’ve ever done before.

I’ve started dreaming BIG. 

Along with a team, I’ve spent the last 9 years building recipes & ingredients to make the perfect candle, but there's A LOT more to dive into! My hands are sweaty as I type this…..bear with me. 😅 Okay, so here is the current list of all my hopes & dreams for Antique Candle Co.® in no particular ranking or order of interest. They would all be fun candle projects for me—a candle maker turned entrepreneur—to explore!

  • Wood Wicks 🔥 – We are in the midst of making these work with soy wax. Getting wood wicks & non-toxic, natural soy wax to work together has been much more complicated than I originally thought. The recipe is finicky, & I want to get this RIGHT! We did a true candle tester round a year ago, and the results were eye opening – we had more work to do. The team & I are determined to become wood wick experts!
  • 2-wick or dare I say…3-wick candles! 🤯 For those of us that LOVE a good, strong aroma that fills an entire home, we may have to burn 2, 3, or 4 candles. I want a big, boujie candle that has multi-wicks, a bigger melt pool, and will fill a house up FAST! Like 30 minutes fast, yo! 🤩 Multi-wick candles are totally new for us, but there is more to be explored here. ✌️✌️

  • Ok, this is a big one. Brace yourself: Bringing back wax melts. 🙌 It’s been a minute & I didn’t think our candle lovin’ friends would miss this as much as they have. I’ve also been thinking about wax melters to pair with the wax melts – we could design & create something really special that would be beautiful in a home. Perhaps something vintage, chippy, farmhouse…so many thoughts – I can’t even type them all! Eek! 😆
  • Another vintage-inspired container candle like our brass candles or crocks. These aren’t true vintage antiques like our “antique candles”, but give a look that embraces that vibe. LOVE!
  • Almost every Pumpkin fragrance under the SUN! I want every👏single👏Pumpkin👏candle👏. I'll admit, this idea has my attention – White Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Heirloom Pumpkin, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cupcake, Pumpkin Patch….oh my heart. Pumpkin Spice is one of my ALL-TIME favorites & I just would love a house full of so many Pumpkin candle options. 🧡 What if we had a ton of Pumpkin candles just for Fall? Right now we only make Pumpkin Spice. This would be a big time investment…Would you be willing to help me test more pumpkin candles?

What do you think? Yay or nay? 

Which dreams should I explore next? Which idea stood out to you the most? As a true creative, I want to do it all STAT! However, there are only so many of us working on new, fun things at ACC so I need to prioritize. Which dream to do??? 🤔

Hm…Will you please let me know on the blog via a comment? I would SO love to hear from you. I will read every comment myself...I feel the creative paralysis kicking in. Not to say I want to put all my hopes & dreams into just one project (I think I could pick a couple right now!), but I want to launch some new products this upcoming Fall season. Let’s be real, I burn candles all year long (and maybe you do, too!), but we really start to get busy when Pumpkin Spice season rolls around. 😉 You get my drift….

Thank you for reading this far if you made it! ❤️ I felt inspired to bring some of these thoughts to you – a fellow candle lover. I would love to bring most of these ideas to life – crafting, planning, building, and eventually making these & shipping to your home would be a dream. One of the things I love most about my job is helping YOU create warm, cozy spaces for your family in your home, and these ideas would help me do just that. Family means everything to me, so I know what it means for friends like you! 🤗

Would you take a second to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts? Any help with this creative paralysis would go a long way!



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  • Terra

    I would definitely love to see the wax melts come back! I’m using up the last but I’ve purchased and I need more! Please do those first! Love all the ideas though!

  • Ilsa

    Yes on all things pumpkin 😊 Also, I’m probably in the minority but there was a Birchwood candle that you had that was absolutely the IT candle for me! I would love love love to have that back. Wax melts yes, aesthetic warmers YES! Multi wick candles 👍🏼Actually, I’m on board with all of the ideas your posted about. I only wish I lived closer (I love 3 hours away) so that I could work with Antique Candle Co!

  • Linda

    Wood wicks, especially for fall/winter scents.
    Really strongly scented wax melts.
    All the pumpkins 🎃

  • Jodie

    I would love multi wick candles

  • Susan

    I miss the wax melts. I love to have melts for each candle scent.

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