What should the new Pumpkin candles be?

Hey! 👋 It’s Brittany, again—owner & founder of Antique Candle Co.®. 🥰

Remember my blog, asking what we should create next? I LOVED reading through your comments—you helped me narrow down which BIG projects we should focus on! There were a few common themes I picked up from ya. THANK YOU for helping me sort through my creative (& somewhat chaotic 😅) thoughts. Phew! I truly feel so much better. It just helps knowing what you would love!

Funny story, speaking of candle feedback...I used to want a tomato-scented candle.🍅 Yes, you read that right! The fragrance smelled JUST like fresh garden vines and outdoor air with a very district, rich cherry tomato smell. HEAVENLY! I loved it so much that I made it into a candle and sent it out for testers YEARS ago. I’m glad I asked for opinions because almost no one loved it other than me! I was horrified—haha! How hilarious is that? 😂 Since then, I always ask for feedback...Although, you bet your bottom dollar that I made a dozen tomato candles for myself! That glorious, fresh garden tomato scent filled my house for about a year before I ran out of my stash...

Sorry—got on a bit of a tangent! My social studies teacher DID call me Blabby Brittany in class…(Hi, Mr. Walter!👨‍🏫) Okay, really moving on....


So here’s what I heard you say the most a few weeks ago:

  • MELTS (please!!)
  • Pumpkin—gimme ALL the pumpkin!
  • Multi-wicks & wood wicks!


What really stood out to me was the enthusiasm for Pumpkin! 🎃 Since we're planning for Fall right now, I want to hang out in the Pumpkin candle space for a bit. I’ve never made another pumpkin candle other than our wildly popular Pumpkin Spice fragrance. It’s literally the perfect candle, and one of my favorites (besides Pineapple Coconut🍍). I’ve been making it since the early candle makin’ days in my kitchen. I must admit, I’m pretty excited about MORE Pumpkin candles!!

I have two questions for ya if you can please leave a comment with your opinion below! I SO appreciate your thoughts to help with the creative direction:

1. What should the new Pumpkin candles be? What fragrances sound AMAZING to you? Here’s a few that I’m thinking, but ANY and ALL Pumpkin ideas are welcome! 😊
      • White Pumpkin
      • Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon
      • Pumpkin Spice Latte
      • Pumpkin Cake
      • Pumpkin Apple
      • Sweet Pumpkin
      • Pumpkin Patch

2. Instead of our typical candle testing round, should we try something new? Test in our studio & release 3-5 high quality 'Pumpkin' candles for a limited time? I probably couldn’t make ALL of them forever...but releasing a few for a limited time would allow you to try them all, or just the ones that sound good to you! 😍

In our candle testing rounds, we typically pick just one winner that is most loved. It’s always a little sad doing that because everyone has their favorites. Remember my tomato candle story I shared earlier? I was able to make some tomato candles for me, but if I didn’t know how to make candles I would be SO BUMMED we didn't release it! Launching several new Pumpkin fragrances would allow everyone to truly get a fill of their FAVORITES for the season! 🎃🙌


    As for timing, I’m thinking we do this Pumpkin🎃 thing in the middle of Fall. Say, September or October? OR is it too crazy to say...JUNE!? Kidding, but not kidding... 😂 What can I say? I'm a Pumpkin girl through and through. I'd burn them ALL year, but I’ll wait to hear your thoughts and then get to work.

    This has been so fun! Can’t wait to Pumpkin it up. In the mean time, I’ll keep thinking and working on the other new BIG candle ideas.

    Let me know your thoughts in the comments:

    What should the new Pumpkin candles be?
    Should we release several new Pumpkin candles for a limited time instead of only launching one?


    • Lisa V

      Pumpkin cake and pumpkin apple!! And multiple releases sounds great!!!

    • Brooke R.

      Would love some Pumpkin Spice Latte candles! :)

    • Amber

      Pumpkin Cake sounds amazing! I think it encompasses a couple of the other labels (cinnamon and sweet pumpkin).

    • Monic P

      Yes to releasing more candles for a limited time! A pumpkin lovers dream!! 😍 reading the potential new scents, how do you pick?! But I’m immediately drawn to pumpkin apple, pumpkin apple cinnamon and white pumpkin. They sound amazing! Can’t wait!!

    • Wendy Rocchietti

      A tomato candle sounds good to me too. I love how they smell. I would love to smell the Pumpkin Patch candle. Anything pumpkin I love. Please make them all available. Love your candles and I’m always recommending them to my family and friends.

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