what christmas means to us

Christmas is a beautiful time.  It is a season to celebrate love, joy, faith, family, and so much more.  While we are busy in the Antique Candle Co.® studio (previously Antique Candle Works) making tons of holiday candles here at the studio, we are also taking some time to reflect on what it all means. 

Christmas is so much more than Santa Claus and presents, and we thought we’d share our thoughts on the most wonderful time of the year.


Christmas is such a wonderful reminder of God’s gift to me!  Christmas means that Jesus decided to leave the throne next to The Father to die on a cross for me.  I am not worthy, but I am so thankful that He sees me as such!  In addition, He came to save the ones I love—my husband, brothers, mom, and dad.


Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  Not only can I break out all my decorations and listen to Christmas music (while it is socially acceptable), but I have the opportunity to be with my family and friends.  There is a warm feeling that surrounds the Christmas season, and I can’t get enough of it.  It is a time for loved ones, and a time to reflect on your blessings throughout the year.  Most of all, it is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday!  I love spending time with my family that I don’t get to see very often, as well as my closest friends.  I love seeing the snow and eating delicious Christmas cookies and so much more.  Christmas is such a sweet reminder to me of just how thankful I am for my heavenly Father.  I am forever and always blessed for what He had done for me and my family over the years, and the love He has given us.


Christmas is a time to celebrate the real reason for the holiday—the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Christmas is spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the many blessings in my life.  It is a joyful time of parties, gift giving, delicious food, Christmas carols, candlelight services, and making memories with family and friends.


I love Christmas!  I love decorating, spending time with my family, seeing where the Elf on the Shelf shows up in the morning.  Of course, my favorite part of Christmas is taking time to remember the sacrifice Christ made for us in coming to Earth for our salvation.


For me, Christmas is a time to reflect on my faith and what in truly important in life.  It is also a time of giving and to spend time with loved ones.



Christmas is a celebration of family and friends, sharing time together, and celebrating life and the hope of our Savior.  It is a time to share meals, gifts, and laughs.  It is a time for making memories.


What it all comes down to is love.  The love of Christ, family, friends (coworkers!).  To us, Christmas is a celebration of love in its many, many forms.  What could be more joyful than that?



What does Christmas mean to you?




Candle photography by Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum

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