Antique Restock 101

What are Antique Candles and Restocks??

Antique Restocks go back to the ROOTS of Antique Candle Co.® when beautiful antiques were the only candles we poured! It's literally in our name. Now, we keep the tradition alive with uniquely picked pieces that are hand poured with your favorite candle fragrances and restocked monthly.

Restock Tips & Tricks

✨Always head to the website EARLY to be ready as soon as Antique Candles launch! ⏰

✨If an Antique Candle steals your heart, check out ASAP 🏃‍♀️…ya never know who else has their eyes on it. 👀 Our shipping crew can combine ALL your antique orders together!

✨ Want to shop Antiques in your FAVORITE scent? Just use the “Sort Alphabetically” or Filter features. 🤓 Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to first dibs on your faves. 💕

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