heart of the business

I’ve always had a desire in my heart to build a business around my faith.

I truly believe it's important to make a positive impact in the world and share that with others.  A fragrant candle naturally does this by transforming a home into a more cozy and pleasant space. Even more than that, I desire to share the heart behind the business with you. The heart of each candle maker is what makes this candle company unique. The team devotes their God-given talents and time to grow this business year after year.

The heart behind our business is Christ. He is our encouraging guide and ultimately the business owner of Antique Candle Co.® He is not just helping us, He is directing us. In this season, He has decided to bless our small, growing candle company and I am grateful for that. Thank you for following our business journey.

Brittany, CEO + Founder
Romans 1:16

this missionary has the same heart for Christ

Antique Candle Co.® prayerfully + financially supports a Christian missionary, whom we have come to love. Thank you for supporting our business. May Matthew 28:19-20 be lived out by your support of our candle company.


Daniel Whitenack, SIL International
serving in Lafayette, Indiana

Over 1 billion people worldwide do not have the full Bible in the language they know best, and more than 165 million do not have a single verse of Scripture. SIL International is on a mission to eradicate Bible poverty by translating the Bible into every language — in this generation. To reach that goal, strategists need accurate information about remaining translation needs and current translation progress. As a data scientist with SIL, Daniel is aggregating and presenting this mission critical information in a dashboard called progress.Bible. This dashboard is actively being utilized by SIL and the other Bible translation organizations (Wycliffe, Pioneer Bible Translators, The Seed Company, Lutheran Bible Translators, and more) to accelerate the spread of the Gospel to the unreached.

Visit SIL’s website to learn more about their language-related work and about indigenous languages, visit Wycliffe’s website to learn how you can pray for Bibleless peoples, and visit The Seed Company’s website to support Bible translation projects.