our next sample pack...

You BLEW. AWAY. our expectations for one of our YUMMIEST candle launches to date: Mango Citrus. 😋🥭 It was the CRAZIEST day in the BEST way possible. ❤️ 

That SAME day, we actually launched a completely NEW product that we could not be MORE excited about!

Introducing... our new Signature Sample Pack. 👏


How AWESOME is this?! We're trying something new here and honestly... we are in LOVE. 😍 Our new Signature Sample Pack includes ALL of our 8 classic Antique Candle Co.® fragrances.  Because this sample pack has been SO popular, we want to know...

what other sample packs do you wanna see? 

We have SO many ideas. A few suggestions we've absolutely LOVED from our candle friends: candle sample packs of 6, sample packs of EVERY candle we make, and even a MANDLE aka "Man Candle" Sample Pack. 😂 Have you snagged one of our sample packs before, friend? Shop the link below to give it a try! 👇