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Alright friends. 
After dreaming, reflecting, and praying for 3 months, it’s time to spill the beans on the BIGGEST DECISION we’ve ever made during this 5-year business journey. 
Many of you know my business story and how this whole journey began. I started Antique Candle Works in 2014 with an idea, a business plan, and $200 worth of candle making supplies.
Then I chose the name.
“Antique Candle Works” was based on a model that is still followed today: vintage inspired, artisan, quality candles, hand poured in love.   
That’s still true. However, SO MUCH has changed in 5 years.  
The biggest change: It’s not just me making candles anymore. There’s a team of nearly 30 candle makers that are part of this business journey now. There’s a community of candle makers; a community of candle friends—YOU! 
In a few weeks, we will no longer be called Antique Candle Works. 
We will be Antique Candle Co.®
Co. stands for COMMUNITY, and all the important values that encompass that simple word. Co. stands for COMPANY, which accurately reflects that this is a company of candle makers - a team of creatives who cultivate Antique Candle Co.® every day. 
You’ve heard me say this over and over again: YOU are the reason this business has blossomed over 5 years. I promise our candles will still be the amazing hand poured goodness you’ve come to love, and you can expect more yummy scents than ever to arrive this year. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!
We are working with a designer and an artist (both small business owners, like myself!) to update our name and give Antique Candle Co.® an updated “feel”.This includes a new farmhouse-inspired logo and cuter labels! Rachel from Intentionally Designed is giving our brand a refresh just like she did 3 years ago. An artist from the Spruce Rd team is literally drawing our new logo. Eeek!! Soo cool! Goodness, I just can't wait to show ya when it's all complete.
We will be going all in with the modern farmhouse style you and I have both come to love! But we are also hoping to create a new look that better represents who we are as a company, and how much we’ve grown since 2014. It’s not as much about the “works” as it is the community.
All these new and exciting ideas are in the process of becoming a reality, but I always love sharing my thoughts and dreams with you first, friend! Stay tuned in February!
The team and I would love to hear your thoughts on the Antique Candle Works to Antique Candle Co.® journey and transformation. We can’t thank you enough for your support and all the love you’ve shown this small business.  YOU are truly amazing!
-Brittany, Founder of Antique Candle Co.®

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