Gimme Some Sugar 🍪

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here and we've got some extra fun plans in store for our candle friends. Just when you think there's nothing new to share...we may just surprise ya. 😉

To kick off the season: Christmas candles are BACK on October 5th! That means all your faves including Christmas Day, Spiced Cranberry, and yes, even Tree Farm, are finally restocked for the holidays. But that's not all...

You may remember at the very end of last year we did some Christmas Cookie Candle Testing to finally add a sweet, delicious, freshly baked cookie candle to our holiday collection. Well, hundreds of candle friends cast their votes and the newest Christmas candle is:

Sugar Cookie! It's a sweet, creamy aroma of vanilla cookies topped with marshmallow buttercream. At first sniff, you’ll be taken back to winter days spent in the kitchen baking homemade treats with family. It’s almost good enough to eat (almost…please don’t really eat it! 😅)

Previously called "Marshmallow Cream Cookie," Sugar Cookie is hittin' us in all the feels. Did you used to bake cookies with your mom (or your kids) on Christmas Eve to get ready for that all-important visit from the MAN himself? 🎅 When I was little, we made different cookies every year and even laid out some carrots for the reindeer. The next morning, the plate was always empty except for a few half-eaten cookies and carrots...For a five-year-old, that was so special. What was your 'Christmas Magic' moment as a kid?? This candle might just bring back some memories...

Need a little more help envisioning the scent? Here’s what a few real candle testers had to say:

“The most delicious sweet and gooey baked cookie with a toasted marshmallow on top.”

“This is absolutely my favorite one. This brought me back to my Granny’s kitchen and made me miss her and brought back sweet memories!”

“I loved the marshmallow, fluffy scent mixed with the warm, scent of a freshly baked sugar cookie. It was heavenly.”

“A fun twist on classic vanilla which you guys do so well! I have not liked marshmallow scents in other candle brands but THIS! It was mild, not too sweet, and had a great throw…It is THE BOMB!”

Give Sugar Cookie a try in 16 oz, 8 oz, Bundles, Sample Packs, Wax Melts, and more on October 5th! I personally recommend trying out the Christmas Bundle of Four to save $15 on Sugar Cookie plus three best-selling favorites. 🙌