How To: Candle Refill Kit


You've snagged your Candle Making Kit, you have the most beautiful container to fill, and you've texted all of your besties to come make some what?! Before you get started, you'll want to make sure you've laid out ALL of the essentials for the candle making process. All of these tools can be found in your kit to help you get started:

✨ Scented Wax (in 8 oz bags)
✨ Wicks
✨ Wick Stickers

Depending on the kit you purchased, you might have some extras such as a metal pitcher, wick straighteners, wooden spoons, or even the cutest lil' aprons! If these didn't come in your kit, no worries! Feel free to use what you have at home and on hand.

Step 1: Cleaning

If you are re-using a used antique candle or mason jar, you'll want to make sure your jar is fresh & squeaky clean for your new candle! 🧼 If it's an old mason jar or vessel from us, start by soaking the interior of the jar in hot water until the glue at the base of the wick becomes soft and any remaining wax residue melts. Scrub and repeat until the glue and wax residue is completely removed. Next, hand wash your vessel with degreaser soap and dry.

If you have a brand new vessel, just rinse it out with warm water! Here are some guidelines to ensure your candle vessel will work to be made into a brand new candle:

Vessel Guidelines


✓ Container that's 3" - 7" in height; at least 3" base diameter (for single wick)

✓ Fireproof material (glazed ceramic, sturdy glass, sealed metal tins, enamel, etc.)

✓ Container with no holes or cracks that could cause leakage

✓ Container with a flat, sturdy base that will not tip



✕ Porous materials such as unglazed ceramics or terra cotta

✕ Flammable materials such as wood or plastic

✕ Unsealed container (unable to hold water)

✕ Container with an uneven base that easily leans or tips

Step 2: Wicking

Place your sparklin' clean vessel on a flat level surface and grab your wicks! Place the sticker you received on the bottom of your wick and press the wick into the bottom of the jar, making sure it's as centered as possible. It's important to keep the wick 3.5" away from the container. If you have a larger vessel that requires 2+ wicks, make sure to space out the wicks 2" from each other. This helps ensure a safe, even burn. just wicked your very own candle, friend! 🎉

Step 3: Melting + Pouring 

Now, it's time for the REAL fun! Place a non-stick pot onto your stove and turn it on low heat. (DO NOT microwave your wax bags to melt the wax.) Grab a spoon and stir constantly until the wax is completely melted. Using a pot that has a pour spout is going to be easiest, or you can transfer the wax to a non-stick/glass pitcher. If you don't have one, you can snag one in our Candle Making Kit. Next, slowly (but FULLY committed 🤣) pour the wax into your jar!

You'll need to leave at least 1" of space on the top for the wick. Pull your wick straight and use a wick straightener to hold it in place until the candle fully cures. If you don't have a wick straightener on hand, you can snag one here (or we have been known to use a pencil or two in a pinch). Once the candle is fully cured (24-48 hours after pouring), trim those wicks to about 1/2" before burning. Our wick trimmers help keep your candle clean and burn evenly from start to finish. Voila! 👌

Step 4: Enjoy! 

CONGRATS! 🎉 You just made your very own CANDLE! But don't forget: candle care doesn't just stop once the candle is made...nope! Candle care accessories like snuffers or wick dippers help safely extinguish a flame, keep your candle clean, and keep it burning evenly. 🔥 For all the deets on how to properly care for your candle once it's created, check out "how to get the most out of your candle" blog!

Do you feel like a pro yet?! 🤩 We truly can't wait to see all of the beautiful, clean-burnin' and yummy smellin' candles you make. Share them with our team at, or tag us on Instagram!💕 


  • Emily

    I wanted to just get wax to make my own candles (not the entire kit with all the other stuff). Can you make candles using your “soy wax melts”?

  • Tracey Foutz

    How long does it take for the candle to cure? Excited to use my kit!!!!

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