Wick Trimmers
Wick Trimmers

Wick Trimmers

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NEW wick trimmers are a must-have for candle care!

Trimming your candle wick after each burn keeps your candle clean and helps it continue to burn evenly from start to finish. That means longer lasting candles and more YUMMY smells!

Our stylish, modern wick trimmers combine luxury with utility. With a smooth, matte black finish, these stainless steel wick trimmers are heavy duty yet lightweight to make trimming quick and easy. The round blades are ideal for making clean cuts and catching excess trimmings.

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 7.1" x 2.4"

Trimming your candle wick is key to candle care! This maximizes the quality and longevity of the candle, and helps prevent the candle from producing a large flame which could lead to soot around the glass jar.

After blowing out a candle flame, allow the wax to cool completely. Never trim a burning candle.

Trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting your candle each time (except before the first burn). Remember to discard all wick trimmings—do not leave debris in a candle jar.

Once trimmed, relight the candle and enjoy!


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Customer Reviews

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Rachel S.
Super cute!

I used to keep a pair of old scissors in a drawer to use for wick trimming but those are long gone now! I love this wick trimmer and I love that it is by Antique Candle Co. They are super cute and easy to use. I dont mind keeping them out on the counter next to my mini candle station :) definitely a win

YAY! We are so excited to hear that you are absolutely enjoying those wonderful Wick Trimmers, Rachel! They our FAVE and we are so happy to hear that you love them as well! Thank you so much for your kind review and have a great day!

Tanner L.
Can't live without!

I LOVE my Antique Candle Co. Wick Trimmer... if you're as candle obsessed as me, this is something you cannot live without. It is so sleek, SO CUTE, and definitely a must-have for your candle needs! I will most DEFINITELY be purchasing these for some of my candle-lovin' friends.

We are THRILLED to hear that you're loving the new wick trimmers! Trimmed candles are happy candles! Thank you so much for the kind review, Tanner!

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