making Country Pear: an interview with Erin @CottonStem


We are SO EXCITED that Country Pear by Cotton Stem is finally here! This cozy candle may just be our best scent yet!

I know you love Erin from the Cotton Stem Blog as much as we do—and who could blame ya! It is such an honor to partner with this sweet lady to create a candle that is just as sweet!

Making this signature fragrance has been so much fun for us and Erin! From picking the Country Pear fragrance, to making sure it is PERFECT for you, every step has brought Antique Candle Co.® and Cotton Stem closer as friends and partners.

Here’s what our friend, Erin, had to say about the making of Country Pear by Cotton Stem:


How did you decide on the fragrance for Country Pear?

The testing process for creating this signature fragrance was so much fun. The team sent over 6 or 7 candles to test and it was the best smelling box that ever arrived at my home ever in the history of ever! Haha! 

Friends and family were testing samples; we would smell them when they were not lit; they would smell them when they were burning. It was just so much fun and if that is work…sign me up any day to test candles!


What is your favorite thing about Country Pear by Cotton Stem?

The reason I am so excited about this specific candle is because it is season-less and it’s timeless. It has the fresh fruity pear, the deep rich plum that kinda reads more summer or spring, but mixed with the warmth of the creamy vanilla and roasted hazelnut it totally reads into the Fall and Holiday season.  It’s so yummy in the nose!

What do you think people will love most about Country Pear by Cotton Stem?

I hope people love the season-less yumminess of this scent profile: the juicy pear and fruity plum notes combined with toasty hazelnut and sweet vanilla really lend themselves to all four seasons of the year! It's what I want my home to smell like, and I hope people will be home-smell-twins with me, ha!


Where is your favorite place in your home to light a candle?

Ummm all the places?! Can that be my answer? I usually keep one going in the kitchen and living room areas, and then in the evening, I light one in our master bedroom, too!

What do you think a candle brings to a home?

When you walk into a home filled with the scent of a yummy candle, it immediately brings feelings of welcoming hospitality and warmth, no matter the season or fragrance.  It's just that one extra special little step that makes people feel welcomed and at home!


How did Cotton Stem first meet Antique Candle Co.®?

I was a customer long before I was a partner with this amazing shop, and it was such a natural transition to join together. I was already telling friends and family to try these DELISH candles any chance I got, and now I am lucky to get to tell even more people about them!

What makes this partnership between Cotton Stem and Antique Candle Co.® unique?

Boss babes coming together to promote community while also promoting a unique and special product that was born out of a partnership of mutual respect and similar vibes! It's kinda been a perfect match from the start, and I am excited to officially launch Country Pear by Cotton Stem!

Your home will smell like Erin’s with Country Pear by Cotton Stem!

Get your hands on this cozy fragrance and tag Antique Candle Co.® and Cotton Stem on Instagram with Country Pear in your home!



  • Priscilla

    Well done, love the look and sound of all your candles. Do you ship internationally? We live in Malaysia.

  • Donna Burns

    Can’t wait for your candle to be available 😊

  • Terrie Beasley

    Can’t wait to order the new Pear candle!

  • Chris Bostek

    I love this story of 2 woman entrepreneurs coming together to create a fantastic product to sell!! It warms my heart!! Wish I could pre order this candle ha ha cannot wait until tomorrow 😍

  • Lillian Hubbard

    My daughter told me about this site. I absolutely love the 3 scents i’ve ordered so far and look forward to more.

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