and the winning candle is...

Hey, Brittany here! I’ve got some big, important (and super exciting) news to share!! Remember when we asked for 1,000 candle testers to test five amazing scents with Sarah at Modern Farmhouse Family? We have officially decided on a WINNER... 🥁

 Farmhouse Fig by Modern Farmhouse Family! This fall, cozy scent is officially out NOW! THANK YOU to those that were able to test the new candle & provide feedback for the collaboration candle with Sarah. The candle that “won” with some pretty exciting scores and categories was called “Farmhouse Harvest” originally. With your comments, thoughts, and hopping on a call with Sarah, this candle really should be accurately called "Farmhouse Fig".

This candle has top notes of dark plum, ripe blackberries, and crisp rhubarb. The fig leaf middle notes with a touch of rose bud & jasmine petals is met with a woodsy & deep foliage undertone. The fig carries through a space & is so richly delighting, and the deep fruits make this feel home-y cozy and is strong – it will fill up an open concept home. Which is what inspired the name: Farmhouse Fig by Modern Farmhouse Family.

Here’s what some of the candle testers said about this one:

  • “My personal favorite was Farmhouse Harvest all around! It smells very inviting and like a “home”, not just a house.”
  • “The 'hot-throw' strength of the fragrance was just right after the candle was burning for 1-2 hours.”
  • I want to thank you so much for letting me try out your candles! It was pure joy!

We are SO excited to have teamed up with Sarah + her sweet family, and develop this collaboration candle together! As part of the process of nailing down the perfect candle, we were so excited to read through the candle testing results. Now, we will focus our attention at making lots of these yummy Farmhouse Fig candles so you can enjoy it in your home this season. 

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  • Diane

    Yessssss It was my number 1 pick I’m so excited. It smells amazing!!!

  • Kath

    I am so excited for this scent for fall!! 🤎🖤🤎🖤

  • Ashley

    As soon as I opened the announcement and saw the scent it seems to fit perfectly, and I can’t wait to order mine!

  • Shannon Roehl-Wickingson

    Sounds wonderful!! Can’t wait to fill my home with the scent of Farmhouse Fig ❤️

  • Sharon

    Sounds like a wonderful candle. Love the smell of fig with a little bit of earthiness thrown in!

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