we bought a building!

Oh my goodness...we BOUGHT a building!


This JUST happened and I've been soo excited to tell ya all about it...

This candle company bought a 15,000 square foot building in the heart of Lafayette, Indiana (our hometown!). ❤️ We just finalized the purchase of this old factory building a few weeks ago! For 12 months, I've been saving for our new business home... putting funds into savings every single month, praying that God would provide wisdom and understand for me to make the right decision. As a Christian business owner, I desire to make sound business decisions that glorify God.

I'm still in the midst of the process, but I am hopeful that I am following the way He is leading me. 🙌

We can't move in right away...we actually have to renovate BIG TIME. After all, it was built in the 1950's as a Dairy plant and not much has been done with it since then. 💁‍♀️ But hey, we are rollin' up our sleeves and getting straight to work! Who doesn't love a fixer upper?! 😍

I've already been meeting with our Construction Manager, architects, contractors, and bankers almost daily. it's a huge project and not even CLOSE to being finished, but gosh darn it...I am soo excited! 💃🎉

Antique Candle Co.® has been looking for a new home for SUCH a long time. Currently, the team is still making candles in our small space and we are basically busting at the seams. 😂 Our new candle studio will allow us to stretch out and DREAM about new fragrances. 👏

Things I LOVE about our soon-to-be candle makin' home:

  • The exposed brick!!! 😍 It's literally everywhere...on all the walls, inside AND outside. The offices are going to be absolutely beautiful and inspire creativity each and every day!
  • The NEW break room space. Currently, all 30 of us squeeze into 250 square feet for team meetings and breaks (crowded is an understatement). 😅 The new break room is 1,000+ square feet! 😎
  • A LOADING DOCK. Can I say that again? A LOADING DOCK! 💃🙌 We make all our candles from scratch and we order the soy wax from people who harvest the soy beans (and let's be honest...that's a TON of deliveries to make thousands of candles each day!).
  • Air conditioning during the hot, summer months. I know that it's common for warehouse environments to not provide AC, but you know what?! That's not fun for anyone. 😬 Since we own the building, we will be installing AC for our candle makers (no matter the cost!!).

I hope you know how thankful I am for YOU! 💕 Our candle crew works very hard at making the best smelling candles ya ever did smell. 😉 It's a HUGE compliment that you think so, too! Your candle order has allowed us to provide a more creative and fun space for our hard working candle makers. Did you know every soy candle is HAND POURED?

    Honestly, this building has me dreaming more and more about NEW and exciting things for our family business. Just recently, I had an idea I instantly shared with two of my coworkers. They were like "Hmmm....this might be AWESOME (but let's think about this)". 🤔
      A few weeks later, we were ALL IN and the Signature Sample Pack was born. It's basically a MEGA sample pack! 🤩 It includes all 8 of our signature fragrances, which is the PERFECT way to try out all the candles. (This sample pack has my personal favs...Sweet Lemon and the new, Mango Citrus!). 🍋🥭


        Thank you for everything, candle friend. Blessing to you and your family,


          Founder & CEO



          • Rhonda From fL

            I am so EXCITED for you guys(just read the story of new building & how God provided) I love what you do & love supporting your business!! We need more businesses like you❤️ Plus love your candles

          • Janet Lawson

            so happy for you and your team..your candles smell wonderful and are clean burning..can’t wait for all of the new scents you will be developing..

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