What should we create in 2024?? (Help me pick!)

Hey friend! How are ya? It’s Brittany here – owner & founder of Antique Candle Co.®. 👋

I just wanted to pop-in to give you some newsletter updates of what's been happening at the candle studio these past couple months. I must say, thank you again for all your feedback on the Pumpkin Candles & Soy Wax Melts. When I asked for your thoughts about new products to work on, “Bring back wax melts” was heard loud and clear. It took a few months, but we officially brought them back better than ever! (Whoohoo!)

Also, the new Pumpkin candles have been arriving in your home. I love seeing all the photos! How are you liking the scents we picked out together? Remember, you told me what we should do: Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Bread, and Pumpkin Apple were your top choices! Would you mind letting me know in a product review here? I’d love to hear your thoughts and I know other candle shopping friends would appreciate your honest feedback! As you know, it’s hard to “smell” a candle online. They haven’t invented smell-o-gram yet. 😉 I seriously LOVE all the Pumpkin smells that are filling the studio on the daily here, but I think my biggest regret is not doing Pecan Pumpkin Waffles...it was a close runner up, so I’ll need to add that to the list for Fall 2024.

You also might have noticed we haven’t launched wood wick candles. After multiple rounds of testing, we still haven’t nailed the recipe yet. Who knew that simply changing a wick would be so complicated? Well, as a candle maker for 10 years, I must admit that candle making is as much as a science as it is an art. This has got me feeling stumped and honestly a bit defeated, but I’m still determined to find the right recipe. I want a wick that crackles LOUD enough, I still want to use soy wax (it’s the BEST!), and I want the fragrance to still FILL UP a room. I'm having trouble nailing all three, but am determined to work on this more in the New Year after the busy candle season that we find ourselves in. Have you ever found yourself hitting a wall creatively? What do you do to help? Part of me thinks I should start completely from scratch and try to create wood wicks in an entirely new way! Any ideas?

While I’m busy helping pack orders and make candles for you, I find my mind wandering to next year and even the year after that. Outside of wood wicks, what else should we create? I hope you don’t mind me sharing my crazy ideas with you like last time! I’d love to hear which one sounds the most interesting TO YOU so I know to keep it on my list.

Ok, some are pretty funny or might seem a little out there. Please don’t judge me. Haha! 😅 I’m just dreamin' and want you to dream with me, friend! What would make our homes cozy, warm, and relaxing? Hmm….Can you list your top 3 ideas in order in the comments? I’d love to know your honest thoughts so we can get to work in the New Year!!! 😊

  • Two-wick & Three-wick candles. This is sort of already in the works, but only in the very early stage. We still need your help...what should these candle vessels even look like? The possibilities seem endless!
  • Wood wicks. We WILL figure out the wood wicks and nail the recipe! (Positive thoughts, Brittany, positive thoughts... 😆)
  • Hymn Collection or Bible Verse Collection (THINK: labels with an encouraging scripture or powerful hymn!). "Holy, Holy, Holy" or "The old Rugged Cross". Or even "It is well with my soul". The ideas are endless with this & the Holy Spirit is tugging on me to do this. But how to choose from all His word? 
  • Mandle!! Haha, I have had SO MANY people ask about a 'manly-scented mandle' since they became popular. TBH, I don’t know how I feel about this, but I think it could be fun to play in this realm for a limited-time run or something.
  • Taper candles. This one has me the most dreamy-eyed. Imagine vintage or antique candle holders in your homes!

What do you think? What candles should we bring to life in the new year? Any thoughts on new fragrances, too?


Let me know in the comments. 👇 What are your top three favorite ideas ranked in order? Thank you, friend. I can't WAIT to find out!!


  • Brittney

    Taper, Taper, Taper candles please! 🕯️ I love taper candles and most of the dripless options don’t hold their promise. I don’t prefer scented taper candles because I usually burn them with a meal on my dining table. But a light scent may be welcoming say, vanilla or lavender. And different colors would be lovely too, natural colors from fruit or herbs or spices like cinnamon etc.. And perhaps candles that are smaller too for a menorah. As a Christian, I still love participating in Hanukkah as the festival of lights-Jesus is the light of the world!

  • Sharon Gossard

    Hi, I personally don’t care for multiple wick candles. In my experience they never burned evenly. I LOVE the idea of bible verses or hymns printed on jars🙏🏻 Whatever you do will be successful because of your product. I won’t even consider buying any other candles. Your customer service is also five ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊

  • Diana Pierce

    I like all the ideas but I would especially LOVE a Bible verse collection!

  • Carleen Galiardo

    (Continued) And little florals, shells, herbs, etc. within and on top of candles is very nice!

  • Carleen Galiardo

    Keep on working on those Woodwick candles! And yes, manly scented candles are a good addition. We do high end charters with our 80’ yacht. Sometimes it’s a corporate event with mostly men. They appreciate things that inspire them like cedar, tobacco, and bourbon. We pull out the leather placemats and hide the posies!

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