meet the candle crew!

Executive Team

Brittany, Chief Visionary Officer + Founder

Loves Pineapple Coconut 🍍

Kelsey, Chief Executive Officer

Loves Fresh Cut Herbs 🌿

Hannah, Chief Product + Marketing Officer 

Loves Georgia Peach 🍑

David, Chief Financial Officer 

Loves Cozy Cabin 🍂

Megan, Chief People Officer

Loves Autumn Woods 🍁


Jack, Senior Operations Director 

Loves Tree Farm 🌲

Mark, Senior Operations Technician

Loves Cozy Cabin 🍂

Donald, Warehouse Coordinator 

Loves Warm Caramel Crumble 🥮

Production Team

LauraJane, Production Manager

Loves Country Pear 🍐

Kelley, Assistant Production Manager 

Loves Momma's Kitchen 🥧

Brooke, Assistant Operations Manager 

Loves Cozy Cabin 🍂

Claudia, Senior Production Specialist

Loves Country Pear 🍐

Reco, Production Specialist

Loves Apple Butter 🍎

Stephanie, Production Specialist

Loves Santal Woods 🍃

Caitlin, Production Specialist

Loves Vanilla Cake 🍰

Morgan, Candle Maker

Loves Fall Harvest 🧡

Cassie, Candle Maker

Loves Spiced Cranberry ❤

Jess, Candle Maker

Loves Lavender Vanilla 💜

Lindy, Candle Maker

Loves Earl Grey

Shipping Team

Oliver, Assistant Shipping Manager

Loves Blueberry Cobbler 💙

Angel, Senior Shipping Specialist

Loves Pumpkin Spice 🧡

Sarah, Senior Shipping Specialist

Loves Fresh Cut Herbs 🌿

Ben, Warehouse and Shipping Intern

Loves Momma's Kitchen 🥧

Dana, Shipping Specialist

Loves Momma's Kitchen 🥧

Strategic Development Team

Kaitlin, Senior Strategic Development Director

Loves Country Pear 🍐

Taylor, Senior R&D Specialist 

Loves Sweet Lemon 🍋

Jeremiah, R&D Chemist 

Loves Winter Woods 🌳

Hailey, Training and Development Manager

Loves Spice Cake 🍰

Lindsay, Operations Assistant 

Loves Georgia Peach 🍑

Marketing Team

Tori, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Director 

Loves Clean Cotton 🧺

Jaycie, Product + Writing Director 

Loves Autumn Woods 🍁

Keliann, Senior Brand + E-commerce Manager 

Loves Momma's Kitchen 🥧

Mark, Marketing Operations Manager

Loves Momma's Kitchen 🥧

Emily, Product + Antique Manager

Loves Pineapple Coconut 🍍

Emily, Community + Influencer Manager

Loves Warm Caramel Crumble 🥮

Taylor, Community Specialist

Loves Pineapple Coconut 🍍

Keelin, Marketing Intern 

Loves Clean Cotton 🧺

Financial Team

Ed, Marketing Technology Consultant 

Loves Momma's Kitchen 🥧

Brian, Information Technology Specialist 

Loves Autumn Woods 🍁

Carol, Bookkeeping + Operations Specialist

Loves Tree Farm 🌲

Administrative Team

Dan, Management Consultant 

Loves Tree Farm 🌲

Elizabeth, Senior Administration Specialist

Loves Fall Harvest 🧡

Matt, Facilities Manager

Loves Cozy Cabin 🍁

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