behind the scenes in the studio: 2017

Candle making is an art that we at Antique Candle Works. (Now Antique Candle Co.®) take special care in doing well.  We pay attention to detail and personally examine every single product before sending it to your home.  You’ve seen what we can make, but you may have never seen what goes into creating our unique, hand poured candles.  We want you to know what your candle goes through before it comes into your hands and see the love that goes into every pour.

Antique Candle Works candles consist of safe vessels, 100% core cotton wicks, domestically grown soy bean wax, and fine fragrance oils.  The process begins with wicking. 

We then prepare the wax into pour pots and add fragrance oil.  The oil is carefully measured so the candles will have the perfect amount of scent.  After the fragrance is added, the hot wax must rest and cool before we pour it into the jars.  Pouring wax when it is too hot will cause tunneling in the candle which can result in an uneven burn. 

While it is cooling, we busy ourselves with other jobs.  Brittany often ships out packages and helps keep her pug, Waylon, from barking at the mailmen, her brother, Ed, usually manages production jobs such as wicking boxes of jars and telling jokes, and I sometimes work on upcoming blog posts or give Ed a hand with production while we discuss movies and games. 

We always have work to do, but it is fun to work in such a great environment and listen to K-Love all the while.  The time seems to fly by and before we know it, the wax is ready to be poured. 

Pouring the wax is usually a team effort with one person pouring and another straightening wicks and cleaning pots.  Occasionally a few pots will dry faster than we can pour so we have to double-team the pouring process.  We can’t let the wax get too solid so that can be a bit nerve-wracking, but we always get the job done!

Once all the wax has cooled inside the mason jars, melt shells, and antique vessels, we clean the candles up and begin packaging. 

After they are labeled, fitted with a lid, and stocked, Brittany finishes up the process by securely boxing up your candles and sending them off with one of our mailmen who deliver it to your door. 

Finally, you can experience the joy of freshly picked wildflowers, warm clean cotton, sweet lemon, or one of our other 13 fragrances (of 2017)!

At the Antique Candle Works studio, we love knowing that we can bring such a lovely experience to you, and we truly enjoy the process.  We can work to the best of our ability in a happy environment, and we enjoy one another’s company throughout the day.  It’s also great that the studio always smells so good!  We hope that you can see the love and thought that goes into every candle that leaves us and that it brings a little bit of love to your home.

If you have any questions about Antique Candle Works and our candles, or would like to share your experience, please contact us!  We love hearing from you!

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Have a blessed day!




(Photography by Hannah Christine Photography and Lindsey Galloway)

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  • Stacy lopez

    Hi. I have everything to make the candles. Can I just buy the fragrance from you?

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