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When you think 'Fall,' what comes to mind? Pumpkin patches and hayrides? 🎃 Cozy flannels and boots? 👢 Maybe warm PSLs and cider? ☕

For us, Fall is all about SMELLS! It’s the time of year when the BEST of the BEST fragrances finally come out to play…seriously, it’s CANDLE SEASON! 💃💃

Here at Antique Candle Co.®, we have SEVEN top Fall fragrances approved by thousands of candle friends (maybe two more coming soon…🙊), but we’ve definitely picked favorites. 😉


Here’s our candle friend's top-four list for BEST OF FALL candles!


#4 – Cozy Cabin 🌲

A soothing scent of fresh mountain air, intertwined with woodsy autumn notes of fir, sandalwood, amber, and lush cedar.

NEW to the scene this year, Cozy Cabin has already made a big impression! If you’re a lover of mountains, fresh air, and adorable log cabins, this one’s for you. This candle instantly transports you to a happy place that couldn’t be more perfect for Fall! 🌄 Imagine a cool morning relaxing on the porch of a rustic cabin in the middle of a quiet forest, sipping tea and overlooking a misty mountain landscape…perfection! 🤩

Our candle friend, Nicole, also shared her thoughts on Cozy Cabin:

“It’s the exact kind of candle I love: outdoorsy, woodsy, cozy. Reminds me of camping or going on a walk through the woods and leaves in the fall.”


#3 – Autumn Woods 🍁

A deep, woodsy musk blended with fresh balsam notes and sweet autumn apples, intertwined with hints of earthy fig and eucalyptus leaf.

A subtly sweet take on a classic woodsy scent, Autumn Woods has been our favorite outdoorsy candle for years! It’s fresh, clean, sweet, earthy, musky…and just OH so good. 😍 You know how fragrances can create images in your mind? This candle makes us dream of an off-beaten path through the woods blanketed in colorful Fall leaves—sunny yellow 💛, rusty orange 🧡, and bright red 💖! 

Here’s what our candle friend, Stephanie, said about Autumn Woods:

“I love this one because it’s perfect for ushering in Fall weather! Crisp, musky, crunchy leaves, apple orchard kind of perfect!”


#2 – Fall Harvest 🍂

A sweet and cozy autumn blend with fresh apple and orange peel, highlighted with warm notes of spicy cinnamon, clove, and vanilla.

Always a go-to for the Fall season, Fall Harvest is one of our oldest seasonal favorites that’s been around forever! It’s so good, we keep it comin’ back. 🙌 If you’re a sucker for all the sweet and spicy goodness that comes with Fall, you’re gonna LOVE this candle! The sweet, fruity notes take you straight to an apple orchard sipping on homemade cider 🍎, and the warm, spiced notes bring you back home with that cozy, sweater weather feeling. 🥰

Our candle friend, Christine, can’t get enough Fall Harvest:

“This will be my fall go-to from now on. LOVE it. Bakey without being overly sweet, appley without being too crisp, cozy, a bit caramelly, a bit’s fall in a glass!”

and finally, drumroll please… 🥁

#1 – Pumpkin Spice 🧡

A warm fall classic of cinnamon, allspice, clove, and pumpkin, highlighted with cozy notes of vanilla bean and sugar.

You just CAN’T go wrong with such a CLASSIC! ✨ Pumpkin Spice is always a winner every Fall. During a season of Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING, our crew spent years perfecting the BEST Pumpkin Spice candle to top them all—and this is it! 🏆 Pumpkin, spice, vanilla, and a spoonful of sugar; that’s all ya need. It’s almost so yummy you’ll have to stop yourself from taking a bite! 😋 But seriously, if you’re a true Pumpkin Spice fanatic at heart, this if YOUR candle.

Our fall-lovin’ candle friend, Allie, LOVES Pumpkin Spice:

“This scent is my all-time favorite…It’s just perfect: a warm/drool-worthy aroma of cinnamon-y sweet pumpkin with the perfect combination of allspice and clove (definitely there without being overpowering), and the vanilla just wraps it all in a hug. I almost pick up a slight graham cracker scent mixed in (probably from the allspice), I mean DROOL! It’s like they read my mind! Just get the bundle. Trust me.”



No matter which you choose, you seriously can't go wrong with these seasonal faves. (Psst...if you wanna try them ALL, you can always snag a Fall Harvest Sample Pack or Fall Bundle of Four!😉👇


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    Do you sell autumn woods separately?

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