employee spotlight: Ed


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ed McQuinn.  I grew up in Lafayette, Indiana and Brittany (owner of Antique Candle Co.®) is my sister.  I currently go to school at Boyce College in Louisville for Biblical Counseling.


What is your job at Antique Candle Co.®?

 My job is a seasonal Candle Maker and I help mainly with the production of the candles and making shipping boxes.  I also have my 'Magic Elf Duties' around the studio (trash, unloading boxes, etc).


What do you like to do?

I usually like to listen to music and play video games.  I like folk music and I'm currently playing a game called Battlegrounds, though one of my favorites is Witcher 3.


Where is your favorite place to grab some grub?

I don't really know.  I guess Panda Express.


What is your favorite Bible verse?

 Psalm 116.  I like the whole psalm because it is almost like a story.


What is your favorite television show or movie?

 Supernatural is my favorite TV show.


What is something most people don't know about you?

 I'm not a big fan of dogs.  I've lived with Waylon (Brittany's dog), so I'm just used to him being in the studio.


You are happiest when...?

...I'm with my family.  We all like to play competitive games like euchre or bad mitten. 


What part of working at Antique Candle Co.® do you enjoy most?

I enjoy pulling candles from the back stock shelves to fill orders, and I also like to do inventory.  I like the satisfaction of checking things off a list. 


What are some of your life goals?

Right now, I don't really have a lot of long-term goals.  I would mainly like to have a family one day and live in a nice area.


What have you learned from working at Antique Candle Co.®?

I've learned that it really does take teamwork to get the job done well in a small business.


What is your favorite fragrance at Antique Candle Co.®?

I like Good Tidings because it is Christmas-y. 


What is your favorite thing about Lafayette, Indiana?

 I grew up here, so I like that I know the area and the roads pretty well.



First photo by Lindsey Galloway