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As you may know, here at Antique Candle Co.® (previously Antique Candle Works) we strive to achieve that popular farmhouse look in our Mason jar and antique candles.  It’s a style that is pure and simple—just like us.  I recently connected with our friend Martha from the Simple Cozy Charm blog who also adores farmhouse design and shares an appreciation for our soy candles!

For Martha, it all started a couple years ago when her oldest of three daughters went off to college.  With a husband who travels for a living and the realization that in a few years they would be ‘empty nesters,’ she was concerned about how to handle this new transition.  So, she decided to focus on her love of decorating and push forward in hopes of “finding a new beginning.”

Her home is evidence that farmhouse style came naturally to Martha.  With early roots on a farm and a house on a quiet lake, the country life is home!

I feel like many of us can relate to one of Martha’s favorite aspects of decorating: shopping!  I know I always love browsing the home goods section!  She also loves that a big part of interior design is change.  She can create an entirely new space by simply rearranging the furniture and décor she already has!  There is always something new and creative that can be added to a room.

On Instagram, Martha shares a whole gallery of photos of her beautiful home.  We adore all of her pictures, and we love seeing how she styles Antique Candle Co.® candles in her home! “Candles mean COZY!”  They create an atmosphere of warmth and romance, which can add a whole other level of homeyness to any room!

To Martha, the perfect candle setting means a grouping of three.  Three different items, including a candle, that complement one another within the room. 

She enjoys combining fresh flowers, an old book, and a good candle (like an Antique Candle Co.® candle!).  No matter how she designs a candle setting, it always creates a happy atmosphere in every room. 

Her favorite room to decorate with candles, however, is the kitchen!  With the classic Mason jars that hold our candles and some of Martha’s favorite scents such as Clean Cotton, Momma’s Kitchen, and Pumpkin Spice, the kitchen is the perfect place for an extra touch of farmhouse flare!

Visit Martha’s blog for some excellent reading on home décor and stop by her Instagram for a gallery of gorgeous home photos!  Stay up to date with Simple Cozy Charm on Facebook!  I hope Martha’s insight on decorating helps you to create your very own, perfect candle setting with your favorite Antique Candle Co.® candle!

This article is second in the series of, "How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting."  Has Martha's advice inspired you?  Let us know!


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Photography by Martha Knake

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  • Shanon Perez

    I love the farmhouse look you guys shared here. Do you sell the larger candle with the attached lid?

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