Have you met Tina?!

Hey friend! Brittany here. 👋 I’m coming to you just a few short weeks before the launch of an incredible new fragrance–Vanilla Spice Latte by To Mimi’s House We Go! It’s been an incredible project.

Tina is a Mimi behind the IG account @to_mimishousewego. ❤️ Her grandbabies call her “Mimi”–the heart behind what she is about. We met years ago online and she’s personally visited my candle business multiple times over the years! She jumps on a plane to fly all the way to Indiana from Texas, which means a lot to me. I treasure her kindness and investment in faithful, small businesses like us.

When we were driving in a car during her last visit, she shared more about her goals behind why she started her IG account and why she continues to share her life: to give back to her kids & grandbabies. She has a generous heart to connect with people, as you know if you already are friends and followers of @to_mimishousewego. Her big motivator is to treat the ones that call her “Mimi” to joys in life, especially when they go to Mimi’s House. She talked about some of the things she gifted them for back to school and the memorable times they spend together. She's a loving grandma that shares her life and it’s not 'Instagram glorious.' It’s real life–sharing Amazon favorites for surgery recovery, recipes to make, recipes to avoid, and how to find a strong candle (the mild ones just don’t do 😉).

Funny enough, when we hopped on a call earlier this year to kick off creating a candle together, she said very clearly:

“My candle needs to be STRONG. The fragrance aroma needs to FILL a room and be AMAZING and STRONG.”  We went on to talk about top notes, middle notes, fragrance profiles, and her dream candle. We spent most of the conversation around coffee, espresso, latte, vanilla, and cozy vibes. The ethos of what she was trying to create was what she shares in her home: cozy, welcoming spaces.

One thing that isn't well known by the casual candle shopper is that the soy wax naturally doesn’t hold as much fragrance oil as other artificial candle wax alternatives (what the 'big boys' use). Natural soy wax candles last longer and burn cleaner, but also are typically a little more mild due to the fragrance “load” the wax can hold. The only way around this (without using the unnatural waxes) is to be very specific with the notes and flavors of the candle...

Which brings us to Vanilla Spice Latte. It is STRONG and packs a deliciously spiced, espresso punch to fill your home. If you love a STRONG, yummy aroma in minutes, this one's for you! 😋

Imagine the spiced scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger with a cozy, warm blend of fresh espresso and maple brown sugar, topped off with sweet vanilla cream.

Your breakdown of the notes (for my candle obsessed folks like me!):

  • Top notes: Cinnamon Spice
  • Middle notes: brown sugar
  • Bottom notes: espresso & vanilla—this is the best part!


If you want notified the second it’s available, you can subscribe to be a texting or email buddy and I’ll send you a coupon code for your first purchase!

We sent Tina's candle to hundreds of @to_mimishousewego and Antique Candle Co.® peeps to test her fragrance before launch day as candle “reviewers." If you are curious about becoming an Antique Candle Co.® tester in the future, you can read more about that here. Here is what some real testers had to say:

"Vanilla Spice Latte was delicious smelling and made me think of wrapping up in a warm blanket and reading around a fireplace and drinking coffee!"

"It was by far my favorite! The hot throw was so surprising! Warm and spicy scent with the perfect strength of throw when burning!"

"An unexpected surprise. It was very unique to any other scent I have ever smelled. I really liked it."

"It smells spicy and cozy. It was a traditional holiday smell, but it also reminded me of fall."

    Vanilla Spice Latte is almost here and we can hardly wait. I have some fun pics to share with ya in the meantime...Enjoy photos from our time together with Tina, and some fun photos of the candle team working on this candle project. I hope you enjoy this little gallery, friend. 🤗

    Our team was SO EXCITED to welcome Tina and her sweet daughter into the studio for an amazing visit!

    Tina and her daughter visited last year as well, before we even started getting down to business with Vanilla Spice Latte!

    Our Product Development team meeting about the right fragrances to order at the beginning of the project.
    Brooke ad Donald preparing the Vanilla Spice Latte candle jars before they are made into candles.
    Lindsay helping print allllll the Vanilla Spice Latte mason jars!
    The Marketing Team planning out the details of the upcoming launch on November 3rd!



    • Donna Norgren

      she is so down to earth and real. Can’t wait to go to her page every day just to see how she doing and what she up to and going to show for the day and love seeing her granddaughter that help her decorate. Congratulation Tina on your candle and can’t wait to buy it.

    • Karen

      I Absolutely Love Tina and I Love Antique Candle CO. And I can’t wait to get Tina’s Candle!!!!

    • Rene Lamarr

      I cannot wait to get this candle. Congratulations TINA! I love following you on IG! And I love the antiquecandle.co candles🤌🏻 I really wish my iPad had a scratch and sniff feature! 🤣

    • Susie

      I can’t wait, she’s the real deal ❤️

    • Cheryl

      I can’t wait!! And no one is more that Tina! I will be ordering several for the holidays! Congratulations Tina! ❤️

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