looking back on 2021

We can’t believe it…but 2021 is coming to an end! We sat down, took a look back on the past year and were humbled by ALL the many blessings the Lord has given to us. 💕 There are SO many reasons to be thankful! It's been such an AMAZING year of growth and creativity. We tried our absolute best to narrow down the list and write out some of the things we’re MOST proud of. It wasn’t easy 💁‍♀️, but we came up with FOUR top highlights of 2021.

1. We moved into our DREAM building. ✨ We channeled our inner Chip & Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper, anyone?!) and transformed an old 1950’s dairy plant into a 15,000 sq. ft. candle-makin’ studio.  This space has allowed us to stretch out and produce more candles than EVER before!  In 2021, we made 750,000 candles and shipped out over 108,000 packages. 🤯 Talk about #happymail!💃📦

2. More candles means more people! And we gotta say...we hired some AWESOME new crew members. 😎 We now have nearly 60 
full-time and part-time candle makers, shipping pros, and marketing gurus. We put together a new Operations Development team to help us ensure the BEST quality for our candles. We even hired our very own candle chemist to make sure our candles smell JUST like they're supposed to and are in tip-top shape! 🕯

3. We joined the texting club! 📱 We get to chat with our candle friends in a fun, new way! Are you a textin' bestie yet?! Sign-up to be one of the FIRST to know about ALL things candles (psst: a special coupon might get sent your way 😉).


4. We launched some exciting NEW products and yummy fragrances. 😋 Here are a few updates that we are over-the-moon about:
    • We made the switch to a printed lid design for ALL of our 2 oz sample pack candles. So long to the stickers we used to label with and HELLO to a brand new look. 😍
    • Did someone say Build Your Own Bundle?! YUP! This was by far the most highly requested product among ALL of our candle friends. There’s something so fun about getting to mix and match alllll your favorite scents. 💃
    • When our group of local antique pickers found hundreds and hundreds of vintage ball jars, we knew we had to find a unique way to repurpose them. That’s when we introduced Small Batch Candles! Each one is hand-poured with love and made-to-order in small batches. ❤
    • We now have candle accessories! 👏 We’re looking at you, wick trimmers (you can cut all the wicks like a boss), safety matches (so you can light all the candles like a pro), and an exclusive Antique Candle Co.® coffee mug. #sipsiphorray
    • Six NEW fragrances made their debut in our official candle lineup thanks to our AMAZING candle testin' friends: Lemon Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Peach Apricot, Apple Butter, Vanilla Bean, & Spiced Cranberry. ✨

Antique Candle Co.® wouldn't have had such a WONDERFUL year without the support of friends like YOU. 🤗 You mean everything to this small business in Lafayette, Indiana, and we are SO happy you're a part of our candle lovin' community. We are looking forward to ALL that 2022 will bring. 365 more days of new challenges, new opportunities, and MORE yummy candles. 👏

Happy New Year from ALL of us at the studio! 🎉💕