making Orange Grove: an interview with Our Faux Farmhouse

Orange Grove by Our Faux Farmhouse is HERE!

This fresh, vibrant fragrance was so fun to create with our friends, Holly and Brad! I know you love these two as much as we do, and it was such a great experience collaborating with this fun-loving couple.

Creating this bright candle was the perfect way to bring Our Faux Farmhouse and Antique Candle Co.® closer as friends. It's not a candle party until you celebrate that friendship with all the yummy smells!

We are so excited that we HAD to share some behind the scenes moments with Holly and Brad in the making of one of our best fragrances yet: Orange Grove by Our Faux Farmhouse!


How did you both finally decide on the fragrance for Orange Grove?

"It was ALWAYS Orange Grove! Orange/Citrus scents are always our fave. Orange Grove is such a clean scent that brings back so many great memories from childhood."

"As a young child, our church actually owned some orange groves and we would do service projects there. Just the smell of Orange Grove reminds me of growing up as a little kid." – Brad

"I would have a different candle burning almost every day...but when this candle was burning...Brad would walk into the room and say 'This is the one!'" – Holly


If you both had to pick, what would be your favorite thing about Orange Grove?

"We love how scent-filled and vibrant it is. You smell it the minute you walk in the door!"

"It's just the perfect fresh, fruity, citrus-y..." – Holly

"...ALL the things fragrance is what she is trying to say." – Brad

How fun was the testing process for Orange Grove?

"The candle testing process was SO much fun! We got the BEST smelling box delivered to our doorstep with 8 different fragrances. The first thing we did was rip 'em open and smell them unlit and then we went room by room...placing them in each room and lighting them so that we could have a controlled atmosphere so we could FULLY smell each and every fragrance. We sent them to friends and family and ALSO to 1,000 candle testers and got everyone's feedback!" 

"So it's definitely tried and true..." – Brad

"Definitely!" – Holly


What do you think people will love most about Orange Grove by Our Faux Farmhouse?

"We think people will fall in love with this candle, simply because it's just a classic scent...You can burn it all year-round and it's going to compliment any season of life."

What do you think a candle brings to a home?

"A candle burning in a home brings warmth to every environment. It also brings memories, as our sense of smell is directly tired to the memory-making portion of our brain. I want my kids to always remember Mom's house smelling like a fresh-lit candle...warm and inviting."


How did Our Faux Farmhouse first meet Antique Candle Co.®?

“We started working with Antique Candle Co.® at the beginning of last year and then we had the pleasure of meeting Brittany at Haven Conference last summer…” – Holly

“Nicest person EVER…” – Brad

"…I KNOW. I just couldn’t get Brad away from her at that booth! It was so much fun meeting Brittany. And then, ever since then, we just kinda dreamt of working with them on a fragrance and then HERE WE ARE!” – Holly

What makes this partnership between Our Faux Farmhouse and Antique Candle Co.® so unique?

"What makes this so unique is that it’s completely a full-circle moment for us! From the minute we owned our first home together 14 years ago, we have been obsessed with filling it with yummy scents! We’ve tried candle company after candle company, but none have compared to Antique Candle Co.®  We started as customers and now have our own collaboration candle with Antique Candle Co.® which is just about the coolest thing ever!"

"Orange Grove is near and dear to our hearts, and we're just really excited to share a little piece of Our Faux Farmhouse with you!"


Orange Grove is available NOW!! All the citrus-y goodness is coming your way!

Bring Our Faux Farmhouse into your home with one of our most homey smells yet!

Happy smelling, friend!


  • Becky

    Hi there
    How do I order the orange grove candle?
    Looking for it but can’t see it?

  • Kathy Nielsen

    I am so excited to try the new Orange Grove candle!!! I love your candles Brittany! I have been buying them ever since Natalie (Vintage Porch) mentioned them. I’m waiting patiently 🤪

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