candle studio update 2019

Did you remember when Antique Candle Co.® used to be Antique Candle Works?


This small Indiana candle company has been busy since our last Candle Studio Update in 2018—in all the best ways! We have grown in so many different areas, and we would not have been able to do any of it without candle friends like YOU!

Double the Fun!

The candle studio has grown again! Last year we celebrated moving to a whole new location, and this time we expanded right next door. This doubled our space so we could make even more of all your favorite candles and ship them out twice as fast! 'Mo' candles, NO PROBLEM!'

A Candle Community

More space meant we needed more help! Last year we had just 10 candle makers on the team. Now we have 27 talented individuals working their magic producing all the yummy candles and making sure they arrive to your home safe and sound!

The Antique Candle Co.® community is just that: a COMMUNITY that works hard and is passionate about bringing joy to you through handmade candles.

Same Candles, New Look

Our hand-poured candles, and actually the company in general, recently had a make-over that is OH SO GOOD! A new name, new labels, new packaging—a whole new look! It was a huge team effort to combine all our favorite parts of the modern farmhouse style into a brand that was perfect just for us. There's nothing like a candle that's smells great AND is pretty, am I right?

Candle Creations!

One of the biggest things we’ve done this year is co-create unique, collaboration candle fragrances with some lovely people we look up to. We recently launched Orange Grove by Our Faux Farmhouse, co-created with Holly and Brad, and we could not be more thankful for the support each and every candle friend showed.

We were able to share THOUSANDS of Orange Grove with our friends! Not only are we so happy to finally share this yummy scent with you, but we are overwhelmed by the support you showed for our small candle company. 

Thank You

YOU LOVED ON US this year. It is clear that God has blessed us through YOU so we can continue to shine HIS LIGHT. Our growth and ability to do new, fun things like collaboration candles would not be possible without you.

Soon, we will be taking another giant leap for Antique Candle Co.®


We are building a NEW STUDIO.


This will be a large space specially built just for us so we can continue to grow and send more candles to even more candle friends! Antique Candle Co.® began in 2014 with just $200 and an idea, and now we are a family of nearly 30 in the studio and so many more across the United States and Canada. YOU got us here.


THANK YOU, friend. Thank you.

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  • Celia García

    Adoro las Velas!!!!
    Felicitaciones por vuestro Maravilloso Trabajo

  • Laurie

    Love your candles and your model of success! If I was closer I would love to work for you! I love when someone finds their passion and lives it!

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