making Tree Farm: an interview with Vintage Porch

Tree Farm by Vintage Porch is here!

We are kicking off the holiday season right with one of our most hilarious friends: Natalie from Vintage Porch! This sweet lady is, in her own words, "the CEO, the CFO, the all the O's, the Manager, the Assistant Manager, The Assistant Manager to the Regional Manager of My Vintage Porch blog." (She had us at The Office jokes!)

Creating a candle with Natalie was one of the best decisions we've ever made. We've been waiting for MONTHS to share our new favorite Christmas candle with you! We are SO excited to finally share this nostalgic scent:

Tree Farm by Vintage Porch

How did you decide on the fragrance for Tree Farm? 

Out of all the candles we tested, this candle was by far the best candle that burned the most amazing smell throughout the entire house.
When we were testing the candles, we opened them all up and set them on a table. THIS is the one we kept coming back to! My kids, my husband, and myself...this is the candle that we ALL chose. It was the best one that filled the whole house. It's SO good!


How fun was the testing process for Tree Farm?

Antique Candle Co.® sent me about 9-12 different candles and then we narrowed it down to probably 5 of what we really liked the most. A lot of sniffing was going on around here! We tested different candles on different days, we put them in different rooms to see how they filled the space...AND I would always burn one right before my husband came through the door that way he could tell me if that was the one he liked!

In the end, it was between 2 different scents and then we decided on this pine scent, and I'm SO glad we did! It's amazing!

What is your favorite thing about Tree Farm?

What I love about this candle is it just has that warm, pine-y scent...almost like I'm walking through a tree farm or a forest! When my kids were younger, we always used to cut down a fresh tree for Christmas and that's what this candle reminds me of! It just makes me feel warm and homey when we're burning it and even when you just open the cap and take a sniff!


What do you think people will love most about Tree Farm by Vintage Porch?

I think you will fall in love with this candle because the coziness of the candle brings nostalgia! It's the whole "family Christmas" feeling you get when you smell the pine scent. You turn on the music…you turn on the candle it’s CHRISTMAS! 

There's so much going on at Christmas and this candle makes me wanna slow down, take a break, and snuggle up by the fire.

What do you think a candle brings to a home?

They bring a warm and cozy (sort of like a snuggle up and stay awhile!) feel to your home. 


Where is your favorite place in your home to light a candle?

My favorite place to burn candles in our home is in our kitchen/living room area because that’s where we hang out as a family and we can all be in there while the candle’s burning! It feels warm and cozy when we’re all snuggled up together! 


How did Vintage Porch first meet Antique Candle Co.®?

I met Antique Candle Co.® a couple year ago...through Instagram!

Brittany reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try a candle! And I thought...little me?! You're gonna send ME a candle?! (I didn't even know where she made these things...if she made 'em in her garage??!) *LAUGHS* But she sent me a candle and that's where it all began. We just sort of formed a relationship after that and it's been REALLY FUN! I love their candles! 

What makes this partnership between Vintage Porch and Antique Candle Co.® so unique?

I feel like our relationship is a little extra special because I'm from Indiana, too! I've lived in Arizona for 11 years, but I'm originally from's like I'm from the motherland of candles!

Tree Farm by Vintage Porch is a nostalgic scent of crisp, freshly trimmed evergreen and Fraser fir pines, wrapped in delicate notes of winter cedarwood.


To Natalie and her family, Christmas is Christ's birth and they celebrate with all the traditions. From reading the Christmas story in the Bible together on Christmas morning, to just spending the day with each other drinking hot chocolate, being together to celebrate the birth of Christ is what Christmas is all about.

"This candle embodies all of what Christmas means to me." - Natalie



  • Alissa Shores

    I need TREE FARM!

  • Carol Davis

    Is Tree Farm Candle still available or is it seasonal. Love it and need more!

  • Nancy

    I LOVE the Tree /Farm scent. Looking ti purchase the 16 oz size and don’t see it on your website. Please advise. Thank you

  • Sally Brown

    I love this smell. I have one hiding in my dollhouse. Smells so good when I look in and light the tree.

  • Darlene Powelson

    Tree Farm, Tree Farm, Tree Farm!

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