mason jar diy: mini succulent planter

Mason jars are perfect pieces for Do It Yourself projects and crafts.  I love DIY, and they are definitely one of my favorite things to use around my home!  What’s great about them is that they can be great items to repurpose into stunning decorations. 

And the best part?  Antique Candle Co.® (previously Antique Candle Works) candles are made using Mason jars! 


Last year, I shared with you some simple tutorials on how to repurpose your old candle jars after you clean them out, and now I’ve got yet another for ya!

With Spring right around the corner, there’s one thing that’s on the minds of everyone who loves to decorate their house: plants!  Whether it’s bright tulips or fresh greenery, you can’t bring Spring into your home without some plants.

I’ve put together a super easy and beautiful Mason jar DIY project that is sure to brighten up your space!


Mini Succulent Planter

Who doesn’t love succulents?  They are easy to care for and are adorable additions to any shelf, coffee table, desk, or any other part of your home!  This is a great way to repurpose some of your old 4oz Mason jar candles!

What you will need

Old Antique Candle Co.® candle jar, a mini succulent plant (I used a live plant, but this project will work with a faux succulent, too!), smooth river pebbles

  1. Clean out your old candle jar with hot water and soap.  Check out this blog post for detailed steps!  (I left our planter clear, but if you want to have a painted succulent planter, check out our blog on a Painted and Distressed Mason Jar Vase to learn how to paint your jar using chalk paint!)
  2. Fill the jar about half way with pebbles.
  3. Carefully remove your succulent from the planter it came with and remove excess soil from the roots. This is a bit messy, and you’ll want to be gentle as to not tear any of the roots.
  4. Once most of the soil is removed (it’s okay to leave some), place the succulent in the jar with the pebbles.
  5. Fill the jar the rest of the way with pebbles. Doing this after you put the succulent in allows the pebbles to hold the plant in place and lets your fill in all the extra space to make sure it is secure. 

There you have it, an adorable little succulent planter!  I can’t get enough of this repurposing craft—it is so cute!  This is perfect for spring, or any time of the year as far as I’m concerned!

If you like this DIY project, make it using some of your old candle jars and share a photo with us on Instagram, or let us know in the comments below!  We love sharing these ideas with you as much as we enjoy making them!

Check out the Antique Candle Co.® Pinterest page for more DIY Home ideas!


Have a beautiful day, friends!



Photography by Hannah Christine Photography (last image)

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