The new candle is... 🌸

Brittany here! 🤗 (CEO & Founder of ACC!)

I wanted to personally thank ALL Candle Testers that tested four potential Spring fragrances in your homes the past several weeks! We've been having SO much fun reading through your rankings, comments, and suggestions. The survey ended & we collected TONS of feedback and votes as they came—each one counts!

Check out this pic I took of our Product Development team working on alllll things fragrance! 👇

Based on your honest responses, the NEW Spring Candle that will launch in less than a month is…..


Here's what a few testers had to say about this candle:

"It has an absolutely heavenly aroma. It is fresh and strong without overpowering the space. It is the most fabulous candle I have ever experienced.❣️"

"Airy, fresh scent like I walked out of my neighborhood on a spring morning!"

"Such a perfect blend of floral and citrus. It’s a wonderful floral without being overpowering."

"Jasmine Peony is amazing! My very favorite! It smells like memories of growing up, in my Pa-paw's garden!!! He grew the most beautiful Peony's, and this candle captured those precious memories, in a jar! 💕"

So what does Jasmine Peony smell like?

It's a soothing bouquet of jasmine and peony with sweet florals and orange zest, finished with earthy notes of clove and driftwood. 🥰🥰 A little piece of HEAVEN, am I right??

Nearly 700 Candle Testers loved the overall quality of Jasmine Peony above the other three fragrances that were tested, giving it an average satisfaction score of 7.5 out of 9! 🎉 For the throw strength, they also noted this is a moderate to strong fragrance—right in the SWEET SPOT for many candles. 👌

We're SO excited to launch Jasmine Peony for ALL candle friends, and it's FINALLY HERE! Snag your own jar of this refreshing, floral, amazing fragrance and let us know your thoughts! 👇

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-xoxo, Brittany


  • Renee

    Please have sandalwood rose too!! My absolute favorite!!

  • Ruth

    I loved this one!! But I also loved the Sandlewood Rose and Wildflower Vanilla! Will you offer these in the future or perhaps offer the remaining stock to testers? That Rose candle was heavenly.

  • Michelle H

    Liked them all but Sandalwood rose was the absolute best candle I’ve ever smelled in my home. Would love to buy any back stock?

  • Cindi Thomas
    I would love an option to purchase the remaining inventory of Wildflower Vanilla, Sandalwood Rose and White Jasmine. I loved all of those! Really didn’t like Jasmine Peony.

  • Barb Alder

    Will there be an option to purchase the remaining inventory of sandalwood, rose and white jasmine?

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